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Sombra Artwork Leaked

In the seemingly endless cryptic ARG for Sombra, it appears we've had a leak that finally shows us an official image for the mysterious hero. Artwork for Sombra leaked today on the official Blizzard website, the page of which is now unavailable. The artwork is signed by John Polidora, a well-known artist for Blizzard. Is Sombra just around the corner?

Sombra Artwork Leaked
Sombra has been teased over and over again by Blizzard, perhaps too much. After the recent Halloween event and the disappointment of the amomentincrime, the Overwatch community seems to have become somewhat disillusioned with the drawn out concept of the mysterious hacker.

However, just as the ARG has started to become a bit too much, we've had a solid leak for Sombra. This time, there is no cryptic website, no translating Spanish, and no lengthy countdowns. Official artwork for the long awaited hero has leaked directly onto Blizzard's official website. If this wasn't enough proof, the artwork itself is signed by Blizzard's very own John Polidora, an artist who has a history of working on many Blizzard projects, including Overwatch. 

So what does this image tell us? We already knew that Sombra had some sort of control over the Omnics within the game's universe, and the finale of amomentincrime hinted that she had somehow compromised the Bastion unit that we play in the game. The Halloween event is due to end very soon, and rumours in the community suggest that we may see it replaced with another PvE mode on the Dorado map, defending the power plant in the map from Sombra's hacked Omnics. Unit Lost Gaming offers a great theory for this game mode in the video below

Sombra’s Omnics ATTACK!? Dorado PvE Omnic Horde Mode!?

Something is definitely coming soon in regards to Sombraand perhaps we will finally see the introduction of the mysterious hacker sooner than we think.

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