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Pharah Buff goes live on the PTR

Pharah has always been a popular hero, but she's been struggling recently, especially on PC. A recent change to the PTR sees a buff to her maneuverability, meaning she is now not only harder to hit, but more versatile in her movement options. Is this the buff that could see a return of Pharah to competitive play?

Pharah Buff goes live on the PTR
Grab your rocket launcher and take to the skies once more, Pharah has just seen a huge buff go live on the PTR!

For those that are unaware, Pharah has been having a bit of a tough time lately over on the PC. With the rise of her hard counters such as Soldier, McCree, Widow, and even less conventional ones like Zenyatta, Ana, and even the upcoming Sombra, she has seen very little competitive play.

The problem hasn't been as prevalent on consoles due to the mechanical differences between console and PC. Regardless of how you play Overwatch, using a mouse is more precise than the nature of thumbsticks, and this is why Pharah hasn't had as bad of a time on consoles recently.

Developers over at Blizzard have definitely noticed this problem, and are addressing it. Part of the addressal comes with a recent buff to her jetpack. In recent patch notes,Geoff Goodman, Principal Designer for Overwatch announced a 35% lift increase to Pharah's hover boosters. This is a massive change, meaning that not only can she move less predictably now, but she can stay flying forever. Yes, forever.

This change, along with the other recent changes that came to the PTR regarding her rocket damage and explosion knockback, might just see Pharah return to competitive play on the PC to reclaim her title as Queen of the Skies.

For gameplay of the new update, go ahead and check out the video below from Force Gaming, where he goes over the buff with in-game comparisons and outlines the new possibilities for our favourite rocket toting hero.

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