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Overwatch Guide: How to Play Brigitte

Looking for details on how to play Brigitte successfully in Overwatch? Her wide range of abilities emphasizes a playstyle great for healing and protecting. Take a look at this guide to learn the ropes for dominating as this hero.

Overwatch Guide: How to Play BrigitteWhen it debuted in 2016, Overwatch’s diverse cast attracted players of all kinds. Whether swinging a giant hammer or getting precision headshots, Blizzard’s team-based shooter has it all. Since then, the team has added a variety of extra heroes to the cast. One of the most controversial was the introduction of Brigitte Lindholm. As Torbjorn’s daughter and Reinhardt’s squire, her story felt right at home for the game. But her powerful and easy-to-pick-up kit missed the mark for many players. The hero’s signature Support/Tank hybrid playstyle has seen a lot of changes, so check this guide for playing Brigitte in Overwatch.

For those new to the title, there are many facets to understand before playing well. Veterans will know that an individual’s performance requires learning a hero’s kit and role in combat. For this guide, readers can peruse the gameplay and game sense categories. Written for the 222 structure of Quick Play and Competitive in the game, fans of the character should know both aspects. Anyone looking to smack down enemies while boosting the team will want to test out the hero. Even with numerous tweaks, she can keep up a push while serving as a good defender for allies.


Inspire & Repair Pack

  • Inspire: All allies within range are healed over time
    • 15 healing per second / 20-meter radius
  • Repair Pack: Heals allies at range for a short duration
    • 110 healing over 2 seconds / 30 meters / 3 charges with 6 second cooldown
Who's ready to party?

Who’s ready to party?

When picking up Support/Tank hybrid, new players should be aware that healing is a primary focus for the character. Though she has two separate ways to keep allies up, they are not as straightforward as some other healing techniques. The Inspire ability is the most consistent method, as it activates when hitting an enemy with the Rocket Flail. Upon doing so, Brig can automatically heal any allies within range. When a team fight occurs, this ability allows her to be a contender in the battle without having to shy away to heal.

Sometimes a player might find that teammates are pushing further ahead or out of range of Inspire’s radius. Fortunately, Repair Packs offer a solution to this common problem when playing Brigitte in Overwatch. Even though they travel a good distance, the packs do not have a major emphasis on aim. The forgiving nature provides this hero a way to protect an ally attacking the enemy backline or heal when the ability is used. Keep in mind, there are only three charges and the cooldown time is not particularly quick. Use sparingly so at least one or two doses will consistently be on hand.

Rocket Flail & Whip Shot

  • Rocket Flail: Melee weapon with extended range, allowing strikes on multiple enemies per hit
    • 35 damage / 6 meters / melee
  • Whip Shot: A long-distance flail throw, doing damage and knocking away enemy
    • 70 damage / 20 meters / 4 second cooldown

Now that healing methods are out of the way, you might be wondering how exactly to lay down the hurt. Her main weapon is the Rocket Flail, a short-range melee weapon similar to Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer. Each time players land a hit, Inspire activates and heals allies. Therefore, it is important to follow up behind the Tanks and dish out some damage. But oftentimes, enemies will play at a distance or engage with their ultimate abilities. To handle these situations, make use of Whip Shot’s long-range and knockback. With a short cooldown, Brig fans can keep up Inspire constantly regardless of distance. If choosing to play Brigitte, make sure to practice these moves to win matches and level up fast in Overwatch.

Whip it, whip it good

Whip it, whip it good

Barrier Shield & Shield Bash

  • Barrier Shield: A frontal barrier that absorbs damage
    • 250 health / 85 health regeneration per second / 5 second cooldown if destroyed
  • Shield Bash: With Barrier Shield deployed, Brigitte forward dash and stun enemies
    • 5 damage / +470% movement speed / 6.85 meters / 7 second cooldown

The great part about this character’s kit is that she has ways to defend in addition to offense and healing. Following in Reinhardt’s footsteps, she also comes with a Barrier Shield. That said, it is significantly smaller and does not stand up to nearly as much damage. Since it only blocks the hero’s front, it is mainly for negating an initial burst of fire or for retreating to cover. In some cases, players can utilize this tool to defend a vulnerable ally for a short period of time. Try to prevent the shield from getting destroyed, as the cooldown activates and prevents bringing it back up again.

One reason for being conservative with Barrier Shield usage is due to wanting to have access to Shield Bash. This feature boosts Brigitte forward at a rapid speed and instantly stuns any enemy it connects with. Crowd Control is a big part of the game nowadays, and this power can be one of the best ways to shut down targets. Any opposing player that tries to flank or dive teammates can be stopped with this stun. It can even prevent certain Ultimates like Reaper’s Death Blossom or Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter. With a 7 second cooldown, fans will want to be smart with using this power and not just launch it whenever.

Ready for a close-up

Ready for a close-up


  • Moves faster and provides nearby allies with armor for a period of time
    • 15 armor per .5 second, up to 100 / +30% movement speed / 8.5 meter radius / 10 second duration

For those looking for an easier-to-pick-up playstyle, Rally checks this box in comparison to a lot of ultimate abilities. Just by activating it, she can automatically move quicker and provide a sizeable amount of armor to the team. Armor halves damage and is especially useful against attacks such as shotguns and beams. The speed boost helps get her back into the fight or to make a big push with the team. Playing Brigitte with Rally up does not make her invincible in Overwatch, so do not be afraid to shy back and make sure allies are getting armor. Overall, engage her Ultimate for soaking up a fatal burst of damage or protecting multiple weakened teammates.

Game Sense

Role: Support/Tank

There was a time when Brigitte was so durable that she could function as a Tank and Support just by appearing in a match. Those days are over, and she is now firmly a Support character, albeit with some minor Tanking qualities. By staying in the backline, the hero can land Rocket Flail or throw Repair Packs from safety and initiate healing. This saves her from having to constantly be upfront taking damage, which will typically result in death. In some ways, she acts as a “tank” for the other support or squishy DPS by stunning enemies and soaking up damage with her shield. Make use of defensive features to stay alive, maintaining heals and allowing allies to push in a team fight.

Stunning a sneaky Junkrat

Stunning a sneaky Junkrat

Team compositions

When it comes to team compositions, playing Brigitte in Overwatch may not be as flexible as some other Supports. She is a solid choice with Tanks like Reinhardt and Zarya. This is because of their ability to sustain damage and protect allies, which lets her get in the action and keep Inspire up. Going into battle with Sigma or Roadhog is not the worst either since each can mitigate attacks with shields and personal healing. Since her healing can be inconsistent, it is better to play Brig with main healers like Ana, Mercy, or Moira. But Lucio is not a bad pair, thanks to two forms of healing in a radius and a handy speed boost to get her in or out of the action.

The upside is that this support character works well with a lot of members of the DPS role. With bunker heroes like Torbjörn and Bastion, Brigitte can stay in the back and keep them safe from attackers. Consider picking her even with heftier brawlers such as Reaper or Mei to form a solid defense. Some may remember that when she was first released, she was a hard counter to the Dive composition in Overwatch. Now, her quick Repair Packs can give Tracer, Genji, or Doomfist the extra protection needed to stay alive while harassing the enemy team.

Trust me

Trust me


With the wide variety of maps and modes available, there will be some trial and error while choosing Brigitte. Control maps like Nepal or Lijiang Tower are solid because of the close-quarters objectives. This forces some of the opposing team to get close and within her range. In the Assault mode category, she can succeed at maps with frustrating choke points like Hanamura and Volskaya Industries. With Rally activated, the team can soak up hefty amounts of focus fire from defenders. Escort objectives are not the worst choice, but the long sightlines of Junkertown or Havana make her a sitting duck.

It is no secret that this is one of the more contentious heroes in Blizzard’s shooter. Being able to counter dominant characters and strategies without a large skill ceiling changed the game. The developers have focused heavily on repairing her mechanics throughout the years but to varying results. Despite this, she remains a top pick among professional players. A coordinated team is ideal for her kit, and consistently landing Whip Shots can heal allies while disrupting enemies. Though the sole Tanking days are over for this hero, fans can still fulfill a defender role in the team. By playing safe and smart, players can main Brigitte in Overwatch to great success.

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