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Overwatch Guide: How to Play Torbjörn

Want to learn how to play Torbjorn in Overwatch? Check out this guide to unlock the strategies necessary for rocking this memorable hero. Between building endless turrets and unloading a burning core on enemies, Torbjorn is ready to throw down the hurt.

Overwatch Guide: How to Play Torbjörn Cover

If there is one defining feature of Overwatch, it is the cast of characters and their signature abilities. While he does have a lower pick rate, there is no denying that Torbjörn Lindholm is one of the most loveable. The Swedish dwarf may be known for some classic voice lines, but his flexible role potential and strategic turret placement make for an exciting playstyle. Like many of the heroes, playing this character successfully does require significant map knowledge and some ability to aim. Understanding when to pick him and how to utilize his various abilities is key. But hard work does pay off, so check out this guide to playing Torbjörn in Overwatch.

For those looking for some quick tips, this overview is split between Gameplay and Game Sense. At the end of the day, having a strong understanding of both will be necessary. If just starting off players should aim to get the basics of the hero’s kit down in the first category. After trying out a few rounds, and probably getting stomped, they can begin to focus on the more complex aspects of the game like team composition and maps.

Keep in mind, this guide is for the 222 format which is in the Quick Play and Competitive Modes. Despite weaknesses, Torbjörn is worth playing in Overwatch for bringing the pain and denying the enemy team a win.


Rivet Gun

  • Primary Fire: Fires rivets at long range
  • 18 rounds – 70 damage per shot / Long range projectile
  • Secondary Fire: Ejects molten metal from his gun in a short, close-range burst
  • 6 rounds – 37.5 to 125 damage per shot / short range burst
Let's hear those guns!

Let’s hear those guns!

Some may think that Torbjörn’s turret is the best way to get eliminations throughout a match. While it certainly can be, players should learn to use the Rivet Gun for maximum damage potential and leveling up fast. The basic shot is a long-range bullet which can be deadly on squishier enemies, especially if landing a headshot. Since it is a projectile, nailing these precision hits will require practice and a feel for timing.

Once understanding his primary fire, players can even pick off less skillful snipers harassing allies. His secondary is more in line with a shotgun burst, and in theory should be good against bigger targets. Though, after a somewhat recent nerf to recovery speed, this blast is not particularly useful. It can be handy for melting shields or taking out an agile enemy with low health, but otherwise stick to primary fire.

Turret & Forge Hammer

  • Deploy Turret: Deploys a self-building turret which automatically tracks and attacks enemies
  • 250 HP / 4 rounds per second – 14 damage per round / 40-meter range / 5 – 10 second cooldown
  • Forge Hammer: This multipurpose hammer repairs turrets and, in a pinch, can also be used as a weapon
  • 55 damage per hit / 50 heals to turret per hit / 2.5-meter range
50 Torbjorn Turret Spots!

Even without fully depending on it, the turret is the bread and butter of Torb’s kit. It is the ability that allows him to be less aggressive while still deterring enemies from pushing forward. There are many places to drop the turret, but the best ones can access the enemy without directly being in sight. Keeping it around protective corners or in spots that require attacking players to turn away from the allied teammates will yield good results.

Rather than babysitting the turret as a sitting duck, make use of a map’s natural cover to defend it. Forge Hammer will not likely be that helpful in action, but it can heal up the turret during down time. In a particularly dicey situation, whip out the hammer to finish off low health targets or if out of ammunition while playing Torbjörn in Overwatch.


  • Gains additional armor as well as improved attack, movement, and reload speed for a brief period
  • +100 health / +30% speed buff / +43% Rivet Gun rate & reload / +37% Forge Hammer rate / 10 second cooldown
Hunk of burning dwarf

Hunk of burning dwarf

Once upon a time, this hero received a powerful buff from his old ultimate ability. Those days are over, but now a minor version of the feature remains as Overload. That said, it is much more flexible than the old buff and on a decent 10 second cooldown. When protecting a choke, activate this ability to barrage enemies with a hail fire of primary fire shots. Even if some miss, it can be a nasty surprise for squishy heroes overplaying their hand.

If a flanker is trying to get the one up on the dwarf, use this feature to gain benefits perfect for fighting it out or escaping. After getting sent to spawn, make sure to Overload and get back to the battle faster thanks to the speed boost. Most importantly, always reload before turning it on, otherwise the short activation time will be wasted on an empty clip.

Molten Core

  • Creates pools of molten slag that deal massive, sustained damage (plus bonus damage to armor), and can prevent enemies from moving through key locations
  • 10 rounds / Impact: 25 damage and Pools: 160 damage per second, +90 against armor / 2.5-meter radius / Duration: 5.5 seconds (claw) and 10 seconds (pool)

First things first, unleashing Molten Core will not usually result in a team wipe. Even so, it can be just the ability necessary to win games at the last second. Once hitting that ultimate key, the Rivet Gun transforms and shoots out pools of magma. These literally melt the enemy team’s health and are not to be trifled with. Stacking pools does not offer any additional damage though, so make sure to get a nice spread.

Hot & spicy Wrecking Ball

Hot & spicy Wrecking Ball

Cutting off chokepoints, covering the objective, and surrounding the payload are the best ways to get mileage out of this ultimate. If the ally tanks go down or a powerful enemy is pushing forward, shoot out some Molten Core to keep the objective safe. In the final moments of overtime, when the opposing team has to make their stand, playing Torbjörn’s ultimate in Overwatch will vastly reduce the space they can work with.

Game Sense

Role: Damage

Technically speaking, the plucky Swede falls into the Damage category. While his abilities are great for dishing out destruction, they can also be useful for defensive maneuvers. Some may be skeptical, but this means the hero is not that bad at being an off tank. In comparison to heroes like Genji or Widowmaker, who have powerful attacks able to pick off enemies fast, this hero keeps the attacking team at bay through firepower.

Between the damage of his Rivet Gun and turret, opposing players can get taken down consistently. But due to abilities like Overload and Molten Core, Torb can also pull his weight to protect the payload or objective in place of a Tank ally. Do not expect to absorb an avalanche of damage like Reinhardt or Roadhog but utilize the kit strategically to buy the extra time needed to defend the team and eke out a win.

Team Composition

Because of the 222 format, there are not a whole lot of heroes perfect for running this character with. But the best ones are typically picked often. For instance, shield tanks in general are great for this hero thanks to extra defense for his turret. In addition, Tank ultimates like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and Zarya’s Graviton Surge make eliminating the enemy team with Molten Core much easier.

Everyone get in here

Everyone get in here

Team up with other bunker style damage heroes such as Symmetra and Bastion like the official comic for endless fire into a choke point. Working together with these damage heroes can also bring down enemy shields in mere seconds as well. When it comes to healers, he is not bad with his daughter Brigitte due to the extra amor buffs. And playing Torbjörn with Mercy, Ana, or Zenyatta in Overwatch can be beneficial because of their abilities to boost damage output safely from the backline.


Based on his strengths, it is no surprise that picking this hero for Defense is a better idea. However, it is not unheard of to play him on Attack maps when pushing the payload. Maps like Eichenwalde, Kings Row, or Hanamura are good due to the focus on tight chokepoints and channels. By combining Molten Core with the turret and Overload, enemy pushes are going to get blocked.

Those with verticality such as Numbani, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, and Hollywood are not bad either due all the viable turret spots. For example, the staircase facing the Hollywood’s second point or the upper platforms of Numbani. If wanting to go Attack Torb, try it on Junkertown or Route 66 because the payload will keep the turret mobile and provide decent cover. Regardless, learn the ins and outs of map geometry to make best use of Torbjörn’s turret and ultimate ability.

Remembering the good old days

Remembering the good old days

Torbjörn Lindholm has been around since release of Overwatch back in 2016. Since that time, he has seen a variety of tweaks and changes to his kit of abilities. Some may feel as though Torb was more interesting back when he could throw out armor packs and boost his turret to level 3. While it was certainly unique, few will argue that his current playstyle is worse off. By not having to build the turret and collect scrap, players can now focus on the breakneck speed of individual rounds. Learning the concepts above should get new and returning players back in the Swedish groove while waiting for Overwatch 2 changes.

And for all the Torbjörn veterans out there, feel free to sound off below with any special tips and tricks!

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