Overwatch Free Weekend Event Syncs With Anniversary Event

Overwatch will be offering a free play weekend soon to take place alongside their anniversary event for new and old players alike. The event will allow players who do not currently own the game to try it out and earn in game items such as skins. The event will only last for a few days so players must act quickly.

Overwatch Free Weekend Event For New Players!
Overwatch is doing quite well as of late due to new updates including new skins, events and characters such as Brigitte. The upcoming anniversary event will allow players to obtain past cosmetic items they may have missed previously.This includes past epic and legendary skins and others.

The upcoming event  will take place between Mar 25-Mar 28 will allow those new to the game to donwload and play completely for free. This applies to players from all platforms. This will allow new players to obtain skins, sprays, emotes and other cosmetic items that can be carried over if they purchase the full game.

The game also recently added a new pink skin for Mercy to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness. The skin costs $15 and is available on all platforms. All proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. The skin will be avilable until May 21.

Developer Update | Pink Mercy Charity Event | Overwatch

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