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Preparation is key to dominating the competition. The "Ablaze" series focuses on identifying key Overwatch concepts that are often overlooked and are essential to climbing the ladder. The season 11 checklist provides a concise overview of how to start your placement matches and beyond utilizing 4 key sparks.

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Since its release in 2016, Overwatch has evolved in many ways. Updates to the game have changed the “Meta” numerous time altering the way that players interact with characters, as well as the games various modes. In recent years the E-Sports movement has gained humungous traction and support creating a new breed of gamers dedicated to becoming top tier player. Set Competitive Ablaze provides insight into all things Overwatch and this guide is all about preparing for Season 11 by focusing on 4 key Sparks in order to burn the competition.

Mental Flame

Overwatch possess a vast number of characters, modes, mechanics, and interactions that can easily be overlooked by newcomers and veterans alike. The Ablaze series provides a concise, but accurate guide to improving your Overwatch abilities to climb the ladder 

  • Positioning 
  • Purpose
  • Accuracy / Abilities

Catching Fire

Competitive Mode

In order to fully grasp Overwatch players must do a combination of studying and live practices to get better. Overwatch’s Competitive mode offers a tiered system that starts in bronze, going all the way to the Top 500. In order to climb the ranked ladder player must compete in Control, Escort, Assault, and Hybrid matches. Each match is played on specific. Fandom does a great job of breaking down the different components of Competitive mode on their wiki page. Studying the rules of competitive mode will help you with the next spark.

Positioning can save your life

Positioning is a term that refers to a characters placement while factoring their role (Tank, Attack, Support, ), abilities, health, and the game mode. Each character excels at a certain aspect of combat, this unique role should also be considered when playing. If you are unsure of the role of your character, Polygon has done a great job of explaining each character. Once you have identified your characters unique role focus on it!

Support heroes are their provide health and other bonuses for their teams and they generally remain in the back. Tank heroes absorb damage while protecting their teams. Attack heroes make up the majority of the game’s characters in its recent update offering different roles. Characters such as Genji, Sombra, and Reaper are great for targeting the enemies backline, while Symmetra, WidowMaker, and Torbjorn require some set up to be effective.

Reaper flanks the opposing team utilizing effective spacing, and awareness to secure victory for his team without the enemy noticing.


In competitive mode, each game mode requires the player to perform a specific function. Control maps require players to secure a section of the map, while Escort maps require players to move a payload to 3 different checkpoints. It is imperative to focus on the objective of the match! Understanding the parameters to victory can save you from being too far away from the payload on an Escort map; resulting in a loss.

Learning all the maps and characters serves a very important role in Overwatch. Once you have learned the various topics outlined above, you are able to focus on the match 100%.  Repetition will create trust in your abilities and since you have taken the time to learn the proper mechanics of the game, your decisions, in turn, become more effective.

Accuracy and Abilities

Aiming is an important part to any first-person shooter, however, Overwatch requires its player’s to be effective with both aiming and ability usage. This season focus on using your abilities to compliment your aim. Soldier 76 excels at providing consistent DPS with a burst of damage from his Helix Rockets; aiming properly at enemies will cause you to be more lethal while developing your ability to asses your characters abilities to the situation that’s in front of you.

Master the Sparks

Utilizing the 4 sparks outlined above will give you a fighting chance to climb the ladder and improve your game significantly. Show the world that you’re ready to set Competitive Ablaze. Use #Ablaze to show us your POTG and sure to follow us on Twitter to look at some of the amazing plays you all are tweeting. 

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