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Original Overwatch Servers Have Shut Down Permanently

Today, the Overwatch servers shut down forever. It has been a wild six years with the game, and very soon, players will have access to the long-awaited sequel: Overwatch 2. Here's everything to know about the game's final moments as it came to a close.

Original Overwatch Servers Have Shut Down Permanently

At last, the time has come. The original Overwatch game servers have shut down for good. Blizzard’s award-winning unique FPS title opened officially in 2016. It invited players on a brand new journey with a diverse cast of heroes and objective, team-based gameplay. Six years later, in 2022, the game servers have come to a close.

Set to replace the original, Overwatch 2 will be released on October 4th, just over 24 hours after the original shut down. Paving the way for a new free-to-play model, a bunch of brand new content and more. The developers have been hard at work to bring this sequel to players sooner, and there have been plenty of bumps in the road to this day. Today, however, the original Overwatch servers had to shut down.

One last happy memory. Thank you, Overwatch

One last happy memory. Thank you, Overwatch

So, what exactly was going on in-game during these final moments? Slowly but surely, each game mode card disappeared from its designated space. All that remained were quickplay and competitive. Amidst these games, however, players weren’t just doing the normal run-and-gun. Players were coming to one final truce, in honour of the video game. Using emotes and voice lines to celebrate the last six years. Many also used the in-game chat to express their thoughts on the game’s present and future.

Then shortly after, quickplay and competitive disappeared, too. All that was left were the main screens and the general chat, which was flooded with love and a few final messages from the developers. Did you witness the Overwatch servers shut down? The game’s sequel, Overwatch 2, will be free-to-play on October 4th. See you on the other side.

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