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Sombra Officially Revealed With New Animated Short

Sombra has been officially revealed in a new animated short from Blizzard. Using her abilities to hack and trick enemies with cloaking and another tech, she seems to be a very powerful character for competitive play. Blizzcon attendees will be able to try her on the show floor.

Sombra officially revealed as new Overwatch hero
Sombra has been officially revealed at Blizzcon 2016. She is a smart hacker with the ability to cloak and can use another tech to trick and take advantage of her enemies. Her gameplay is yet to be revealed but will most likely be shown at the Overwatch panel. She will also be playable on the public test realm next week!

You can watch the new animated short featuring Sombra below, also be sure to watch Blizzcon as the way she was revealed was quite awesome.

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