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How to Get Overwatch 2 Beta Access After June 28th

Miss out on Overwatch 2 Beta Access? Don't worry, there's still time left to get in! Here's what you need to know about the beta's initial wave of players and how the developers plan to grant more and more players access until this early access build closes up once more.

How to Get Overwatch 2 Beta Access After June 28th

Overwatch 2 is running its second closed beta, so how can you get access? Now that it has launched, only a select batch of players received instant access, for varying reasons. Either you were picked as one of the chosen ones or you made a purchase that opened up the gates. Unfortunately, that leaves the rest of us scrambling around, looking for a way in.


As previously mentioned, a small batch of players was chosen for wave one. These are the players that got lucky. It’s unclear whether your overall playtime, how often you play or if statistics like that even had any influence on this decision. It’s best to assume that it truly was random, as many players have taken to the forums to complain about not getting access, despite their high Overwatch playtime.


Buying the Watchpoint Pack bundle grants you not only a bunch of special in-game cosmetics but also instant Overwatch 2 Beta access. No matter whether you purchased it before or after the launch date of the beta, you should be able to join in the fun right away. In the bundle comes the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass, 2 Legendary Hero Skins, 2000 Virtual Currency and Overwatch: Legendary Edition. It’s quite the bundle. Most of these items, however, will only become available on October 4th when the game actually releases properly. This is currently the only concrete way to get in.


The initial small wave of players was only the beginning. If you haven’t received your email yet, fret not, there are plenty more opportunities to get in. This means keeping an eye on your inbox every day to see whether or not you’re in. Larger waves of players will be granted access beginning July 5th, so pay extra attention to your emails as of this date. The developers aim to give every player who signed up for Overwatch 2 beta access by July 14th. Whether or not this will definitely happen, though, is another story.

Are you looking forward to being granted early access? It’s certainly a bright time for the hero shooter indeed, and this feels like the fresh start it needed. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to enjoy 5v5, new maps like Rio and new heroes like Sojourn and The Junker Queen. Hopefully, all players who signed up will be able to enjoy the beta until it closes once again.

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