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Overwatch 2 Beta Officially Arriving in April

An Overwatch 2 beta is on its way, as confirmed by Aaron Keller in the latest developer update. Discover how the team are shifting their plans of the long-awaited sequel to bring the PvP side of the game to us, the players, soon, including new heroes, maps, reworks and so much more.

Overwatch 2 Beta Officially Arriving in April

It’s confirmed. The Overwatch 2 beta is on its way. After near radio silence from the development team for months and minimal updates to the live game, Overwatch director Aaron Keller has come out from the shadows to announce early access to the game in a new developer update.

The team have acknowledged the ways in which they have let down their community. This includes staying silent despite pledging to provide more frequent updates on the long-awaited sequel. According to the developer update, they have shifted their plans for Overwatch 2, starting with a beta in order to get in into the hands of the players sooner. This means separating the new PvP content and PvE content in order to bring us the PvP side of the game in a shorter space of time.

This beta will include the new 5v5 team format, a new hero, Sojourn, four new maps, the new push game mode, hero reworks as well as a new ping system. All of this will be available in April. For now, there is also an Alpha version of the game. This will be run under NDA and only available to Blizzard Employees and OWL pros. This is likely to get them ready for the next season. Beginning on May 5th, the teams will play on an early version of the sequel.

So, are you excited about the Overwatch 2 beta? Go ahead and opt-in for the closed beta now on the game’s official website.

Overwatch 2 | Developer Update


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