Celebrate Overwatch’s Two-Year Anniversary with a Cute Video

Developer Blizzard has released a quirky new video recently in celebration of Overwatch's second anniversary. The short clip portrays Reaper and Tracer as the two enact a funny exchange over cake!

Celebrate Overwatch's Two-Year Anniversary with a Cute New Video
Overwatch's second anniversary is quickly approaching on May 24th. In celebration of the milestone, developer Blizzard has released a quirky new stop-motion video featuring Tracer and Reaper as the pair enacts a pretty funny exchange over a cake.

A second video was also released showcasing how the video came to be from concept to creation. It's certainly quite interesting to see how much work goes into stop-motion videos, no matter the medium they represent.

Check out both of these aforementioned videos below. For all you faithful Overwatch pros out there, don't forget that the game holds its anniversary event this Tuesday!

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