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5 Changes We’d Like To See In Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is coming within the next few years, and it'll be bringing some long-requested features to Blizzard's popular hero shooter. Aside from the new characters and maps that will be coming, here's what we'd like to see incorporated into the sequel.

5 Changes We'd Like To See In Overwatch 2

Overwatch has seen many changes after more than 3.5 years of updates, but it still has much more room to grow. As a long time player, having a whole host of new characters and maps is welcome. However, this is the perfect chance to bring further polish to the game, especially when it comes to certain features that the community has been asking for since release. Here are some of our best ideas for changes that Blizzard could make in Overwatch 2 that would help keep the game alive well into the next decade.

UI Customisation

The default UI in Overwatch is functional, easily beating out the UI in games like Paladins and Team Fortress 2. Unlike the latter though, you cant rely on mods to make any changes to Overwatch’s UI. This leaves us at the mercy of Blizzard’s infrequent changes to the interface. Some elements have been improved over the years, like a less intrusive score display and some transparency settings for objective icons, but even more could be done. From moving the ammo counter closer to your crosshair, to changing your health to a numerical display, there are many ways to make the interface less restrictive for players. It would also have the added benefit of improving gameplay for users with impairments, such as having larger UI elements for those with poor eyesight.

Character Balance

Overwatch 2 Heroes

Overwatch 2 must ensure heroes are balanced before launch

Likely the most important part that Blizzard need to get right with Overwatch 2. Character balance has been something of an issue with Overwatch, especially when it comes to the release of a new hero. Brigitte, the Swedish support hero that fights with a flail and personal shield, managed to frustrate players for months thanks to her survivability and an easy to land stun. Nowadays she’s in a much more balanced state, but she should never have been such an oppressive hero in the first place. On the other hand, Symmetra, a hero available since launch, has had multiple reworks in an attempt to increase her pick rate in higher level games with little success. For Overwatch 2’s release to be a hit, the new characters being introduced need to be as balanced as possible.

Map Reworks

Blizzard rarely change maps in Overwatch once released, with Horizon Lunar Colony being the only one to receive any significant changes. Assault maps, otherwise known as 2CP, end up suffering the most from this, as the second point on some maps – the aforementioned Lunar Colony especially – can be incredibly hard to capture. A map rotation was only recently added to the game, and it only affects competitive play, meaning that most players will eventually run into one that they hate. Making some big changes to existing maps would benefit both the casual and competitive communities, since map design is just as important as hero balance.

Map Builder

Overwatch 2 Map

Custom maps would be a welcome addition to Overwatch

Overwatch’s workshop allows for some interesting custom game modes, but it’s held back by the lack of map creation and customisation. Much of the appeal of Team Fortress 2 comes from some of the cool maps that are created by the community, many of which ending up being added to the game officially. We’re not saying that the developers should copy Valve entirely, but being able to add objects into existing maps would already be a huge step-up from what we have now. From the wide variety of game modes that have been created, it’s clear that there are many talented designers that could make use of an enhanced version of the workshop. Even if it took a few years to implement, this would create even more content for players to enjoy outside of the main modes.

Overhauled Events

Let’s face it, the current set of events in Overwatch have been stale for a while now. With development shifting towards quality-of-life features, this year’s rotation of events saw little more than some skins and other cosmetics being added to the game. The only real change to the events has been the addition of weekly rewards that are gained through wins rather than lootboxes, but these don’t change how you play the game. Instead, Overwatch 2’s larger focus on PvE could be used to bolster existing events. Modes like Junkenstein’s Revenge could be fleshed out with more maps and improved enemy AI, and other events could receive their own PvE components. Either way, it’s clear that something needs to be done to make events more appealing, as the same modes won’t cut it for Overwatch’s 4th year online.


These were just a few ways that Overwatch could be enhanced outside of the already announced features in Overwatch 2. It’s clear that Blizzard want the game to stay successful, so we hope that some of these changes are implemented later down the line. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the game, and stay tuned for more Overwatch 2 related content as the game inches closer to release.