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Doomfist Comic Shows New Faces and Costumes

Though the comic series may have been canceled, motion comics are still trickling out to expand Overwatch's lore. The latest issue looks at Doomfist, his escape, his plans, and his fashion sense.

Doomfist Comic Shows New Faces and Costumes
Overwatch rarely gives its lore in-game. Rather, it uses third parties like cinematics and comics to expand the universe's story. The latest entry into the Big Book of Overwatch Lore focuses not only on the newest hero, Doomfist, but the other (known) members of Talon as well. The comic not only shows off Doomfist's first stop after his prison break (literally), but also some of the clothes the organization likes to wear when the mood strikes them.

Doomfist Comic Shows New Faces and Costumes - Reaper and friends show up in their Sunday best for a job.
While it's not a guarantee these festive threads will make their way in game, a betting man wouldn't balk at the chance to put money on their inclusion. Elements from the comics have made their way into the game before, like Reaper's shrug emote. Who wouldn't want a Reaper costume with a big floppy hat and big puffy pants? That's right, no one.

New faces show up in the motion comic as well. Though betting on any of them showing up in game is a far riskier bet than the costumes, any new character introduced to the lore immediately as their look analyzed and their movesets theorized. Hell, before we saw the Doomfist we have now, people speculated that the little kid in the first Overwatch cinematic was going to be wielding the gauntlet of destruction.

So what do you think? Do the costumes look good, and do you want them in game? How about those new faces that show up prominently, and in the shadows – do you think they'll make their way onto the video game battlefield? Let us know in the comments!

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