Overwatch Winter Premiere eSports event starts soon!

Get ready to see your favourite teams clash once again in the Overwatch Winter Premiere, being hosted by the Californian eSports company Next Generation eSports. You and your team can sign up too, as long as you're in North America. The only question is, are you ready?

Overwatch Winter Premiere eSports event starts soon!
Overwatch eSports has been popular since the beta, where the highest level of competitive play bred some of the most well known and highly talented players in recent memory. People like Taimou, Seagull, Shadder2k, and many many more are revered by the community for their skill, often setting and raising the bar for the highest level of play.

Now that Winter is upon us, cold days and dark nights will undoubtedly keep you indoors, in the warmth, playing some of your favourite games. To keep us entertained, Blizzard and Next Generation eSports are collaborating to give us the Overwatch Winter Premierea tournament that will take place over many months and offers a final prize pool of an eye-watering $100,000 for the best team. The tournament will start with 4 days of qualifying matches, which you and your team can apply to be a part of online. After this qualifying period, the final 8 teams will face off over the course of 3 weeks, burning down to a 2 day live finals event in early 2017.

NGE and Blizzard are working together to ensure this tournament will be the best tournament yet in every aspect. Andy Vander Woude, CEO and co-founder of Next Generation eSports had this to say:

NGE’s philosophy is to find the most ambitious eSports partners and work with them to elevate their shows, That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Blizzard to create an eSports experience perfectly matched to Overwatch fans.

The Overwatch Winter Premiere looks to be another great eSports event for one of the most popular FPS games in recent memory. All stages of the competition will be broadcast directly from NGE's studios in Burbank, CA. If you think you and your team can keep up with the pros, you can sign up for the qualifiers here, with additional broadcast and sign up information available on the same website.

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