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Overwatch Anniversary Skins Revealed for Event

3 new Overwatch Anniversary skins have been revealed on Twitter. These original designs for Moira, Sombra, and Baptiste come ahead of the start of the Anniversary event. Blizzard also wants fans' questions for upcoming Overwatch 2 live-stream.

Overwatch Anniversary Skins Revealed for Event

Blizzard has revealed 3 new Overwatch Anniversary skins. According to videos posted on Twitter, the developers have designed new looks for Moira, Baptiste, and Sombra. These skins arrive with the beginning of the Anniversary event starting on May 18.

This comes shortly after the Archives event that ran from April 6 – 27, 2021. That event introduced a collection of original skins as well. Soldier 76, Tracer, and Windowmaker were among some of the heroes that received new designs.  

Sombra gets a new look this time around with a skin based on feline characteristics. The cat aesthetic along with the mask gives this character a comic book feel. 

The developers went for a natural appearance with the Venus Moira skin. This design suits the character. The long tubing she uses to cast her healing and damage orbs blends in well with the vines of the Venus Fly Trap. The thorns juxtaposed amongst the flowers fit this antihero’s questionable ethics.   

Baptiste gets groovy with his latest skin. From his cool shades to his belt buckle (it literally says groovy!), this top level Overwatch healer nails the 70s vibe. (If only they had made the disk he throws when using his Immortality Field into a disco ball.)

These new Overwatch Anniversary skins aren’t the only news to come from the developers. They have announced a 2 hour live-stream showing off more PVP gameplay from the upcoming sequel, Overwatch 2. According to Twitter, fans are encouraged to submit questions to be answered during the event. 

The game has been suffering from a lack of fresh content lately, prompting some streamers to move to other games such as Apex Legends. Perhaps these new skins along with the upcoming live-stream can give the title a boost in popularity. 

What do you think of these new skins? Is there a character that you think deserves a new look from the developers? Let me know in the comments below. 

The Anniversary event runs from May 18 through June 8



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