Best Overwatch Heroes to Play Against Orisa

Worried about facing Overwatch's new hero, Orisa? The new tank arrives in the official game tomorrow, and she is sure to shake things up. If you're not looking to try her out, you definitely will be facing her every game you play. Here are some heroes that will be good counters for Orisa.

Best Overwatch Heroes to Play Against Orisa
Overwatch's newest hero, Orisa, comes to the official game this Tuesday (March 21). Since she has been in the Public Test Realm for a few weeks now, players are starting to get a good idea of how to play as her, and how to play against her. If you only stick to the main game, it is going to be a brand new experience trying to take down the new tank. Since it is almost a guarantee she will be on every team for the next week or so, here are some heroes to look into for taking out Orisa.

Before we look at counters, let's go over a quick rundown of Orisa herself. Her main weapon is the Fusion Driver, which is like Soldier 76's machine gun but it slows her movement during fire. Her "Halt!" ability sends out an orb which pulls any nearby enemies towards it. Her two abilities are Fortify, which halves her damage taken and prevents "action-impairing effects," and Protective Barrier, which throws out a static shield like Reinhardt's. Finally, her ultimate ability sends out a totem to power up nearby allies.

Best Overwatch Heroes to Play Against Orisa - Genji highly benefits from his mobility


Genji has a ton of flexibility in his skill set, and it helps here with Orisa. He can double-jump right over her Protective Barrier, and can easily deflect her Fusion Driver. When his Dragonblade is ready, Orisa goes down without putting up a fight, even during Fortify.


Zenyatta is always a good pick because he can unload tons of damage, despite being a healer. His Discord Orb can counter Fortify, and he can kill her almost instantly if he gets a full charged attack.

Best Overwatch Heroes to Play Against Orisa - Junkrat deals damage from every angle


Junkrat's grenade launcher works perfectly to fire over the Protective Barrier. While Fortify can prevent the immobilizing effect of his trap or the launching effect of his mine, he can still get a ton of damage in from about any angle.

Hanzo & Widowmaker

Both defensive snipers can work well against Orisa if they are on high ground, which would make the Protective Barrier useless. Orisa has a pretty big hitbox, so landing critical shots shouldn't be too difficult. Plus, Hanzo's ultimate ability can go right through the shield.


If you can't hack Orisa, the best option is for Ana to unload with the sleep dart. The longer Orisa stays out of action, whether dead or asleep, the better chances your team has of eliminating as many enemies as possible.

Best Overwatch Heroes to Play Against Orisa - Sombra can disable Orisa's abilities


Sombra has been more useful as of late with the recent increases in Bastion, and she also works well here. She can just sneak behind the shield, and hack Orisa, negating Fortify and Protective Barrier altogether. Once those are hacked, the rest of the team can easily take her out.

While these heroes are great options, there is no doubt that other heroes could work. Soldier: 76 is pretty much a good pick for any situation, and Pharah can unload with rockets. With Overwatch, of course, what helps more than anything is good teamwork (and please don't pick Bastion).

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    Cool, thanks for the info, this will help me wreck some orisas tomorrow in battle



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