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Massive Overwatch Leak: Sombra Unveiled and more!

The name Sombra has been tossed around the Overwatch community for months now. A long and drawn out ARG that was packed full of cryptic messages, impossible ciphers, possible blinking Morse code from the developers, and it all ends in a leak. What is life, Blizzard?

Massive Overwatch Leak: Sombra Unveiled and more!


Sombra, Sombra, Sombra…we finally meet. Sort of. According to a Reddit post earlier this week, a random "Russian OW group"  leaked a screenshot revealing a character that's supposed to be Sombra and details on the upcoming Halloween event. Besides just the screenshot of the character, we're still mostly in the dark when it comes to Sombra. We know that she has dealings with Talon, she is a world-class hacker, and she's never around when Reaper needs her. We don't have a release date or even a rough time frame of when she could be added to the game, though.

Massive Overwatch Leak: Sombra Unveiled and more!

Halloween event

From the leaked screenshot we've garnered a good idea of what we can expect in the upcoming event. A new mode, more likely a new weekly brawl, is coming to Overwatch. The mode wasn't named, but it appears to be a hoard mode with three different levels of difficulty. According to the screenshot, the brawl will have players protecting a castle from "Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies". Thanks to two other leaks we know that the Halloween event will have special skins that can be earned much like the Summer Games event earlier this year.

Since the news has broken the official Overwatch Twitter and Blizzard's Twitter accounts have been completely silent in regards to the new information. Nothing is confirmed to be true as of yet, but all signs and signals are sure pointing that way. It is worth noting that the source URL for the leaked image of Sombra and the Halloween event details has disappeared.

So, who knows? It's an exciting time to be an Overwatch fan! 

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