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Overwatch Reveals Kiriko, A New Support Hero

After years without a new support hero, Overwatch 2 brings Kiriko, who wields the spirit of the fox. In an exciting new gameplay trailer, we have our first official glance at what Kiriko brings to the table in terms of abilities, tactics and more.

Overwatch Reveals Kiriko, A New Support Hero

Overwatch has officially revealed Kiriko, the newest support hero to join the roster. It has been three years since the game received a new support hero, the last one being Baptiste. Finally, we’ll be seeing a brand new support hero freshen up the game.

Kiriko is attached to the spirit of the fox. She has some sort of spiritual or magical connection to this creature, which allows her to summon it for what appears to be her ultimate ability. She has healing abilities, a speed boost, a teleportation move and even the ability to climb. Kiriko looks to bring a versatile kit to the table.

This hero was teased long ago, when Kanezaka, a deathmatch map was added, and after the second beta for the sequel ended. In the lore, it seemed to hint toward a fox spirit and its connection to the Shimada Clan. This means that Kiriko already has a place in the Overwatch universe, presumably knowing the Shimada family. Years later, she finally has her own reveal trailer as seen down below.

So, it seems that, at release, Overwatch 2 will feature Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko. It’ll be an interesting release with three new heroes, game modes, maps and more. Are you excited for Overwatch 2 and Kiriko? Let us know down below.

Kiriko | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

SOURCE: Official Overwatch Twitter

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