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Sombra hacks the Lumerico website

The Sombra ARG has been building faster and faster for the past 24 hours, and it seems now may finally be the time where we are close to some solid answers from Sombra herself. After activating Protocol 2.2, the much-hyped hero has hacked the Lumerico website and has told us directly that we will hear from her again in the next few days. Is Sombra about to make her move on the shady Lumerico corporation?

Sombra hacks the Lumerico website
It's been a busy day for the Sombra ARG. From leaked artwork to the Lumerico website being attacked, the community has been ablaze with rumour and mystery, reinvigorating the hype train that had died down after the disappointment of the amomentintime countdown.

A few hours ago, a Reddit user named VectorGambiteer made a post to the Overwatch Reddit telling us that Sombra needed our help, and went on to detail some fairly complicated steps we should follow to load the page seen below. This initiated a countdown that one Reddit user estimated would last about 10 minutes.

Sombra was loading Protocol 2.2 onto the Lumerico servers
After the countdown had finished, it was revealed that Sombra had finally managed to infiltrate the Lumerico website, corrupting their front page with distortion and a large graphic of her signature skull, including this text:

Buen trabajo, amigos. No lo hubiera logrado sin su ayuda. En fin, me consiguieron los recursos que necesitaba para mi siguiente golpe – les encantará.

Esperen noticias de mí en los próximos días…

Dasvidanya amigos

When translated from Spanish to English, it reads as the following:

Good job, folks. I would not have done it without your help. Anyway, I got the resources needed for my next hit – you will love.

Wait to hear from me in the coming days…

Dasvidanya friends.

Its been a fan theory for a few weeks now that we will soon see a PvE gamemode on the map Dorado, in which we interact with Omnics controlled by Sombra in some way or another. It seems that possibility grows ever more likely, seeing as she now seems to have acquired resources from the Lumerico corporation. Perhaps it is information, technology, or the power supply needed to create an Omnic army to do her bidding. All we know is that we will find out more from her in a few days.

An interesting thing to note is that Stylosa of Unit Lost Gaming has been propositioned by Blizzard themselves to live stream the new content they are announcing at Blizzcon on the 4th of November, although they refuse to tell him exactly what the new content is. You can find more details in his video below:

Overwatch NEW Heroes? NEW Maps? NEW PvE? Blizzcon WILD Speculation!

Some think that the Sombra ARG has run its course and is now simply arduous and boring. Hopefully Blizzard can finish the ARG and introduce the long awaited hero in a suitably epic way at the end of Blizzcon.

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