Overwatch Announces Anniversary Remix Event, All Other Events Cancelled

A twist of events brings the Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event Volume 1 to us on April 5th. Including all past event skins, brawls, cosmetics, re-colours of fan favourite skins and... the cancellation of all other events? Find out all about this three-part event and what it implies for the long-awaited sequel and the game's future as a whole.

Overwatch Announces Anniversary Remix Event, All Other Events Cancelled

As teased on the official Overwatch Twitter account, the Anniversary Remix Event is to start very soon. This is the first ‘new’ event we’ve had since the game’s first year, despite it being a remix. This brand new event aims to celebrate Overwatch‘s past and to offer a ‘spin’ on some of the fan-favourite skins currently available in the game, such as Witch Mercy. 

Like the usual yearly Anniversary Event, all previous event skins and brawls will be making a comeback. Over the next three weeks, game modes such as Archives Missions, Lucio Ball and Mei’s Snowball Fight will rotate as they have done in the past. However, (and this is a big however,) Archives, Summer Games and the standard Anniversary Event will not be returning.

So, what’s new in the Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event? As mentioned earlier, fan-favourite skins will be releasing once more, but re-coloured to bring about a brand new theme. It is also a three-part event. It sounds like this event will replace Archives, Summer Games, and the standard Anniversary Events. So, when these celebrations would normally go live, instead we’ll be playing volumes one through three.

This is very interesting news. Why didn’t the developers mention anything beyond the Summer Games Event? What could be happening that means we won’t see a volume four replacing the usual Halloween Event? Is this a subtle confirmation that we’re looking at an October release for the Overwatch 2 PvP mode?

What do you think of this Overwatch Anniversary Remix Event? Is it worth sacrificing the other three events? Let us know down below!

(Video published by Master Ian Gamer)

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