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Sombra Hacks Bastion?

After the Sombra ARG countdown came to a head last night, we're left with a cryptic message that references our old friend Bastion. Has Sombra compromised Bastion for her own nefarious means?

 Sombra Hacks Bastion?
If you're even somewhat a part of the Overwatch community, you'll be well aware that last night was a big night for the game.

Amomentincrime has been counting for months now, and yesterday reached 100%. The Overwatch Reddit was rife with rumours and speculation. Will Sombra release? Will it be on the PTR or the main game? Will we finally get a trailer for her?

Turns out, not a whole lot happened. However, amomentintime has been updated, and what it tells us is very interesting indeed.

Over the past few months of counting, amomentincrime has displayed the same Spanish text. Last night, prior to reaching 100%, the site text read this:

Establishing connection…  Protocol Sombra v1.95 initiated… Conveying information to Omnics Assets… 99.8058%. Terminating Connection

Now we have reached 100%, the site reads this:

Established connection… Protocol Sombra v.195 initiated… Transmission is complete – ending load… Completed load. Unit Bastion E-54 Engaged… Ending Connection…

This means that whatever Sombra has been loading on amomentincrime has finished, and the protocol she has loaded is now engaging, or engaged with Bastion unit E-54, the Hero we can play as in-game. What is going to happen with Bastion then?

There are a lot of theories floating around the Reddit right now, and of course, a lot of people playing Bastion in-game, searching for any hints of what Protocol Sombra has done to the loveable Omnic. One of the most prevalent fan theories is a hidden image within the "Reconfigure" video on Bastion's profile on PlayOverwatch, Blizzard's official site for the game.

Upon spam-clicking the "Reconfigure" button, there is a frame of distortion that is not present in any other videos, for Bastion or any other hero for that matter. This previously existed on the site in a form of a highly distorted picture of Soldier 76, most likely a red herring from Blizzard. However, some think the image has now changed and is in fact something new.

If this truly is the next step closer to Sombra, the community is going to have to work hard to decipher this image and find out the true nature of what is happening to our old friend Bastion.

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