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Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021 Event Delayed

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland 2021 event has unfortunately been delayed this year due to reasons beyond the developers' control. Here's everything you need to know regarding this year’s final event and the delay in its release date.

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Overwatch‘s Winter Wonderland 2021 event this year has been delayed. The game’s Community Manager, AndyB, confirmed this on the official Overwatch forums earlier today. This is one of the game’s more popular events, with its festive-themed cosmetics ranging from Santa skins and ice-filled highlight intros to snow-covered winter maps such as King’s Row and Hanamura. It’s perfectly understandable why it’s one of the community’s favourite events.

All that the community manager said regarding the topic was that the delay is due to unforeseen circumstances. They also said that they’re only pushing the event back by a few days. This is probably alluding to either Thursday 16th or Tuesday 21st December. It won’t be a long delay by any means. AndyB did, however, tease that the legendary skins this year are particularly outstanding. So, hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.

With any luck, maybe we will see some changes to Mei’s Snowball Offensive or Yeti Hunt to add a little spin to the game modes that they’ve re-used time and time again. I wouldn’t hold your breath, though. The developers haven’t made any drastic changes to these festive game modes since releasing them, which is a real shame.

Haven’t tried it out before? Get the game now, available on all major platforms, in time for the festive season to experience the Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2021 event when it arrives.

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