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Overwatch Releases Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge

Time to buckle up. Overwatch has released a new mini-event Cassidy Challenge 'New Blood', which will be available for a limited time and features an exclusive new skin for the cowboy himself. Play to earn these rewards throughout the timeframe.

Overwatch Releases Cassidy's New Blood Challenge Cover

Shortly after renaming the infamous vigilante previously known as “McCree”, Overwatch has released a new Cassidy challenge that allows players to earn a brand new epic skin for him. The challenge, as usual, requires players to play a certain amount of games to reap the rewards of the mini-event. The mini-event is also limited in time, so make sure to jump on and play to earn the rewards.

Cassidy’s new skin takes on a grey theme with a paisley patterned serape covering the lower half of his face. New content has been sparse for the game recently. Mini-event challenges have, however, been making more frequent appearances. Usually, these tie in with comics or short stories released at the same time that feature a beloved hero. This one is no different.

You can read the latest comic, ‘New Blood‘ today. We’ll be taking a look at what our favourite cowboy has been getting up to after getting the call to re-join Overwatch. There are also other exclusive rewards that you can earn via Twitch streams. Watching any streams under the Overwatch category for a certain amount of time will bestow them to your account. As long as you’ve properly linked everything up, you should be good to go.

Play the new Cassidy challenge and earn exclusive rewards now from November 9th through to November 23rd.

Cassidy's New Blood Challenge | Overwatch
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