Overwatch Gets a Server Browser

More Overwatch updates are to come, including a new game mode, sharing custom game modes, and a kickass server browser to jump right into the action.

Owerwatch Update
Overwatch has been getting some massive updates lately. Balancing the game, adding a new map, making Symmetra infinitely more powered than she needs to be, game changing stuff.But now in a video released on the game's Youtube channel talks about a new feature that will change the way people play Overwatch, and it's coming soon.

What's in the update?

In the latest developer update video released Feb 7, game director Jeff Kaplan talked about implementing a server browser in game that will show all custom games in your region. This means that there will now be an option to jump in and out of games at will and switch to whatever game you want on whatever map and game mode. More freedom will be given to players who don't feel like necessarily playing the game in a serious format. This will add on to the arcade mode that already lets people 3v3 arena, 6v6 random characters or with no character limits, or play a previous brawl mode. It seems Blizzard is really pushing the versatility of this game with them implementing the competitive matchmaking mode and then creating the browser in addition to arcade mode.

But that's not all, on top of the server browser Jeff Kaplan also mentioned that xp will now be gained from playing custom game modes which can also be uploaded and shared with people in your region who want to play some wacky, premade, custom game modes. And since the Year of the Rooster update was so popular with it's capture the rooster game mode, Blizzard is now adding in a new CTF mode complete with redone KOTH maps to support it, so look out for that.

The Overwatch PTR gets every update first, so go check it out if you're curious about what's being added. 

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