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Summer Games begun in Overwatch

The seasonal patch has a lot of new content and even a new playable mode, Lucioball; which is similar to Rocket League.

Summer Games begun in Overwatch
Blizzard has unleashed the Seasonal Event, Summer Games, in Overwatch. The seasonal patch has brought dozens of new sprays, emotes, victory poses, highlight intros, player icons, special skins, and even a new playable mode, Lucioball; which is similar to Rocket League(gameplay wise), but instead of vehicles you have Lucios.

All new skins are designed as if the characters are representing their countries at the Olympics. Here take a look:

Summer Games skins in Overwatch
The Summer Games Seasonal event lasts until August 22. During this time, all Loot Boxes you get will have a new themed design and feature at least one Summer Games cosmetic. Sadly, there's no way to get new cosmetics using your credits – they only drop from Loot Boxes and can't be purchased with the in-game currency, Coins. Such approach makes the cosmetics unique but already sprung a wave of negative reaction on the official forums.
Here's the video overview of the first Overwatch Seasonal Event:

[NEW SEASONAL EVENT] Welcome to the Summer Games! | Overwatch

Visit the official news if you want to bash the developers for the inability to purchase new cosmetics with Coins or want to know more about the Lucioball mode.

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