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Overwatch to Introduce Cross-Play Across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC

Overwatch is getting cross-play in an upcoming update to the game. This will allow players across all devices to play with one another. While this feature will hopefully be arriving soon, cross-progression, on the other hand, may take a little more time to arrive to bring the full cross-compatible experience.

Overwatch to Introduce Cross-Play Across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC Cover

In the most recent developer update, director Aaron Keller announced that cross-play would finally be coming to Overwatch. After six years, you will finally be able to join forces with your friends no matter what device you’re playing on. This includes Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

By default, console users will only be searching for games with other console users. PC players, on the other hand, will be playing with groups of PC users as well as parties that are a mix of both console and PC. However, this will not take effect in competitive games. You can safely enjoy your matches here without worrying that your teammates or enemies may be using different devices.

Console users will also need to create and link a BattleNet account in order to use this feature. While cross-play is making its way to Overwatch, cross-progression will not be supported from day one. This means that your cosmetics, levels, ranks and all progression will not yet carry over to your other accounts. However, Keller did confirm that this is something that the team is working on for some point in the future, as other games have done.

This will hopefully help queue times for certain game modes, which can often make queueing certain roles a rather tedious experience. However, with many more people queuing across the same servers, it should be easier to find matches. An FAQ has also been posted to the official website for the game regarding this feature.

To celebrate the launch of this new feature, all players will also receive a golden loot box upon release!

Are you looking forward to cross-play in Overwatch? Let us know down below in the comments how you see it impacting the game.

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