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Overwatch Content Creator Meeting Hints Towards Optimistic Future

Following an Overwatch content creator meeting, the creators involved have expressed overwhelming optimism for the future of the FPS on Twitter, hinting at a bright future as early as somewhere in 2022. What does this mean for the game, and what will we see in the coming year?

Overwatch Content Creator Meeting Hints Towards Optimistic Future cover

Recently on Twitter, a surge of content creators for Blizzard’s popular FPS title have come forward to express optimism for the game in 2022 after an Overwatch content creator meeting. Many of them voiced hope and positivity for its future, but have said that they are under NDA (non-disclosure agreement). This unfortunately means that we likely won’t be hearing about what was discussed in the meeting anytime soon.

This is a very interesting development after the sheer amount of negativity circling around the video game and its publishers this year. This has been from the content draught within the main game itself and the terrible revelations about Blizzard to the delay of the long-awaited sequel itself. Things were not looking good for the FPS. This, however, is the first time in a long while some real hype has been shared on social media from popular creators.

YouTubers such as Stylosa and YourOverwatch, and streamers like Emongg and KarQ, have all come forward to describe how their visions for the game have completely changed. Interestingly enough, many of them specifically mention 2022 as a huge year for the game. What does this mean? Is a large amount of content due next year? Will we maybe see some new heroes? Some new events? Or are we to expect an earlier release date than we initially thought with Overwatch 2?

Everything is currently up in the air, but this is great news. We already have the Overwatch League showing off an early build of the sequel next season. It’s exciting for many loyal fans to think about what else may be happening soon. What do you think was discussed in the Overwatch content creator meeting? Share your thoughts down below in the comments section.

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