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How the “Looking For Group” Feature in Overwatch Turned Out to Be a Great Addition

How the Looking For Group feature in Overwatch changed the social gaming experience during the difficult year of 2020 for many players. From great new friends to awkward situations, here's why you should definitely give it a go.

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One of the most easily forgotten features in Overwatch is the Looking For Group addition. It allows players to create or search for a group to form a team and then queue into their desired mode. As a mostly solo-queue player who prefers to climb alone (definitely not because of anxiety or anything), I found that upon using the system that it’s actually just what I needed during these strange times amidst the pandemic of 2020. It was released a couple of years ago now along with Role Queue, the two synergising well together. But it wasn’t until very recently that I found the truly most enjoyable way to utilise this system. Casual Quickplay.

I recently returned to Blizzard’s FPS and decided to stay away from the competitive environment and to stick to quickplay. I decided to use this feature to find a casual and fun group of players that just wanted to relax and play for a few hours. Needless to say, I was very happy with the results.


When you fall into the right group, you can find countless hours of fun. Each game within my group felt so fun and casual yet also contained that slight bit of seriousness with the constant teamwork and communication. People in Quickplay just wanna have fun- mostly. When you’re just enjoying the game for what it is, win or lose, it feels amazing, especially with a friendly team. Talking to one another and creating that social interaction with new people that many of us crave during the countless lockdowns and restrictions put in place all over the world felt great.

Find your team

Find your team

It’s not too hard to find that perfect group either. You can title your group whatever you want so that players know what they’re in for. Whether it’s “18+ Casual QP Mics Required”, “2100 climb,” or even “Looking for Mercy pocket – plz”. There is often something for any player looking just to, well, play. The feature even allows you to make use of role lock so that you end up with players that actually want to play a specific role, meaning that everyone is happy and confident in what they’re playing. It’s an easy way to build a solid, friendly team comp to enjoy some games together.

As cheesy as it may sound, I made some pretty strong friendships during the process, too. As a support main, I mostly played Mercy for the team. There were countless “Oh, thank you, Mercy!”s and “Nice shot!”s to be heard during the game, which makes it feel more team-involved than ever. A couple of us even found ourselves emotional when players who had been on the team for hours departed.


This brings us to the one minor flaw in the Overwatch Looking For Group system. Quitters. If a team doesn’t click well together, people will quickly leave after a loss, or if they feel like the match will be a loss. This is why you may find that your initial group is not the one that you stick with. It takes maybe an hour until the natural flow of leaving and joining has managed to give you a solid team. When you do create this wonderful line-up, however, even if only a few of you are the ones sticking it out until the end, it’s so worth it.

It doesn't always work out...

It doesn’t always work out…

There you have it; the underrated feature is actually a brilliant way to enjoy the game and feel that sense of never-ending fun that you had when you first entered its captivating universe. My advice? Please use your mic, don’t sit in silence. This is coming from someone who never used their mic, ever, until now. It’s too awkward to sit quietly. It’s like one of those competitive games that you’re losing where people make quiet, aggressive callouts before complaining about your support line-up. So, go. Find your group and see where it takes you.

What do you think of the Overwatch Looking For Group feature? I suggest that you at least try it and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some everlasting friendships to take into the upcoming sequel with you.

If you haven’t yet bought the game, I recommend giving it a go and finding your team. It is available now on all major platforms.

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