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Is The Release of Sombra Imminent?

Blizzard have been teasing the elusive character Sombra for quite a while. A cryptic Sombra-related countdown is currently at 99.8% and climbing. Is the mysterious hero's release imminent?

Is The Release of Sombra Imminent?
Blizzard have really been playing the long game with the Overwatch community. From in-game scraps of paper to encoded QR codes and cryptic websites, Blizzard have kept the players enthralled with the ongoing Sombra ARG, having players in-game stare at the sky for hours, and setting the Overwatch reddit on fire with theories and suggestions. It seems this may finally come to a head today.

One of the most interesting components of this complex ARG is a website named amomentincrime, which has been slowly counting up in the form of a percentage for quite a while now. The website itself is very simple, featuring only text and the aforementioned percentage number counting slowly but surely. The page is in Spanish, fitting with all of the communication we've seen so far from Sombra. The English translation reads something like this:

Establishing connection…  Protocol Sombra v1.95 initiated… Conveying information to Omnics Assets… 99.8058%. Terminating Connection

So when we reach 100%… what happens? Well, there's a very good chance that this could be the Sombra release, either into the live game or, most likely, into the PTR. A very interesting part of this page however is the "Omnic Assets" part. This suggests that Sombra might be some sort of hacker or even perhaps, in control of the omnics. This could also mean that perhaps reaching 100% triggers something more than just Sombra's release, perhaps something within the Junkenstein's Revenge game mode, seeing as that event has a enormous Omnic presence.

The only facts we know for certain though, is that something will happen when amomentincrime hits 100%. What that is though, we will just have to wait and see.

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