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Overwatch 2 Dev AMA Reveals No MMR Reset, Removal Of Player Levels and More

An Overwatch 2 AMA hosted on Reddit has revealed many upcoming plans and features regarding the future of the popular FPS. From competitive MMR and player levels to clans and new heroes, here are the highlights of the AMA to get you excited for the beta and what's to come around the corner.

Overwatch 2 Dev AMA Reveals No MMR Reset, Removal Of Player Levels and More

Recently on Reddit, the Overwatch 2 devs hosted an AMA to share information regarding the upcoming beta. Just as they have done in the past, the developers answered many lingering questions within the community. We’ve now had confirmations of several aspects of the game. Some of these may be music to the ears of fans, others may be a little disheartening.

Competitive MMR & New Heroes

For starters, there will be no Competitive MMR rest. For those who do not know what this means, MMR or Matchmaking Rating is a number that determines how high up on the competitive ladder you are. What this means for the game is that you will competitively place more or less where you were the last time you played. Unless, however, you haven’t played in a while, in which case there will be some decay. This is due to how vastly different the PvP in OW2 is with 5v5 and such.

Another interesting point brought up in the Overwatch 2 AMA regarded future heroes. Aaron Keller confirmed that two out of the three heroes coming after Season 2 will be support heroes. This is very exciting. We haven’t had a new support hero in a long time, nor have we heard a single hint about who a new support could be. Although, many speculate that the mysterious fox figure from the trailer could in fact be a support hero.

Player Levels & Clans

Players will also no longer have levels. We’ve known this for a while now, that Blizzard plans to retire the portrait levelling system. What we didn’t know, however, is that this would be replaced by the Battle Pass Level. Similarly to Fortnite, your level will correlate to battle pass progress and will likely reset each season, with each new battle pass. Your previous portrait level will be displayed on your career profile, however, to commemorate the progress made from the first game.

What’s more is that a Guilds or Clans system will be coming to Overwatch 2 according to the AMA. They have made significant progress on this specific social system, so we can definitely look forward to seeing it possibly with the sequel’s launch, or sometime shortly after. With the FPS going F2P, there are plenty of opportunities for new social features such as this to be implemented well.

So, are you looking forward to seeing all these new features discussed in the Overwatch 2 AMA? Hopefully, the upcoming beta will be as exciting as the last.

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