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Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins

The newest 7 skins are examined in this list, ranking them from worst to best, helping you to decide which one you will buy in that 11th hour before the event ends and you don't want to spend any more money on boxes.

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins


This event marks the first time players got to see an Overwatch event for the second year. Some fans were worried that any skins available during the event last year wouldn't be available the following. Anyone who's played World of Warcraft knows that is rarely the case, but nonetheless the fears have been quashed.

Skins for Zarya, Lucio, and Tracer are back, and now at a discount of 1000 coins! More importantly, seven new skins have been released this year, more than doubling what we saw 12 months ago. So which ones are meh and which ones are wowzers? Let's get started with the list and find out!

#7: Junkrat "Cricket"

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Junkrat
Perhaps my cool reception on this costume is because I know nothing about cricket, but when Blizzard promised an awesome new skin for Junkrat, and we got this, I was notably disappointed. It's not a bad skin by any measure, it's just not an interesting one. It at least stands above his base legendaries, which are the jester and scarecrow models, but falls far short of topping Dr. Junkenstein.

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Junkrat gun
There's at least more cricket flavor in the skin than first meets the eye. Cricket balls (I assume) are loaded into his grenade launcher, and replacing his peg leg is a cricket bat. The face mask also gives Junkrat a more manic look, recalling images of Hannibal Lecter. Regardless, if you don't get this skin in a loot box, I wouldn't bother dropping 3k coins on it by event's end.

#6: Widowmaker "Cote D'Acur"

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Widowmaker
I may get some flak for putting the always beautiful Widowmaker this close to the worst spot, but the skin honestly falls short of expectations. While the outfit is okay, there's not much there, so there's not much to say. Of course, putting Widowmaker in as little covering as possible usually works in her favor, not against it. This skin could have easily rocketed up the list if it weren't for that damn sarong she has on. What blasphemer thought it would be a good idea to cover up Widowmaker's more famous asset?

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Widowmaker gun
The gun does have a charming quality to it. Compared to her other guns, it comes off as almost rustic, helped by the wood finish. When stacked up against her other legendary skins, this one just barely avoids falling below the ballerina legendaries. If nothing else, this new model will be used in plenty of SFM videos.

#5: Sombra "Tulum"

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Sombra
Sombra is one of my favorite characters to play, but has some of my least favorite skins. The poor girl has problem with color coordination, resulting in garish looking skins. With this event Sombra gets her skin i would consider good. Not great, but good. The color scheme helps, as purple with green is always cool, and seem to fit her perfectly.

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Sombra gun
Not much to say about her weapon reskin, other than the neon green with black is even better than when it's paired with purple. I'm just unclear what Sombra has to do with swimming. The other skins match up well with their respective characters, to some degree, but Sombra's I just don't see the connection. Maybe there is one between her country of origin and swimming, I don't know. If nothing else, this skin, while only being good, it's her best one, and if you love playing Sombra like I do, you're going to want this skin.

#4: Soldier 76 "Grillmaster 76"

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Soldier 76
Much in the same way D.Va's fan following resulted in her getting Doritos and Dew to eat for an emote, 76's new skin plays into the dad role much of his fan art gives him. Decked out with a punny apron, plenty of grilling tools, and socks with sandals, 76 looks ready to call the soldiers from the beaches to come get some fresh dogs.

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Soldier 76 gun
His weapons too act as props to flesh out his new costume. His gun features a hot grill matter near the nozzle, propane tanks fitted to keep it juiced, and a heat meter on the side so he knows when to flip the burgers. Special mention to the reskin of his healing pod, which now takes the form of a Diet Heal Up (I prefer the taste of Cherry Heal Up, but that's me). 76's other legendary skins are quite good, but there's something very charming about this one that makes it a must have for 76 players.

#3: McCree "Lifeguard"

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - McCree
I suppose it's about time one of the male characters got a fanservicey skin, and McCree is the first to take up that mantle. McCree's bod is definitely beach ready, complete with that V near the hips and a treasure trail. Anyone who has the hots for this cowboy almost assuredly picked up this skin, forgoing any loot boxes that might slow them down.

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - McCree gun
Much like 76, his gun plays into the fantasy with a reskin to look more like a flaregun, though I doubt he'll use it like one. Compared to his other legendaries, this one doesn't beat out his Scrooge outfit, but it's close. I guess it would all depend on whether or not you fancy the tanned, now blonde, gunslinger.

#2: Reaper "Biker"

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Reaper
Probably the coolest skin of this event, Reaper rides into action with his motocross-inspired outfit. Though it uses the same color scheme as his Halloween skin, it doesn't feel out of place here. Like Sombra, there's no direct link between Reaper and biking, but last year he did get a spray with him on a bike, and my guess is that acted as the inspiration for this awesome looking skin.

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Reaper gun
Even his guns get the biker treatment, with the grip looking like it came modified from a motorbike. It's a sleeker design than his guns usually get. Hell, the skin overall has a sleeker design. Compared to this other skins, this Reaper is slimmer, so maybe that makes him a smaller target? I doubt it would shrink his hitbox, but with less stuff bulging outward, he hides just a bit faster than with the other skins. He still has no bad legendaries, and I honestly struggle to pick a favorite as it seems he has one for every mood.

#1: Mercy "Wings of Victory

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Mercy
Wings of victory indeed. Can anyone name a bad Mercy skin? Anyone? Neither can I. The woman just has the best fashion team behind her. This is the same feeling I had when I played WoW as a paladin, and had to live with priests always getting the best looking tier gear. It's a damn shame I never play Mercy (Zenyatta/Ana for life!). Not playing in a sport, or hanging by the beach, Mercy is dressed like a Greek goddess who oversees the events. What helps this skin stand out from the rest is that it fits her character perfectly and it works all year round. Wearing it would never feel out of place in any other season.

Ranking the Overwatch Summer Event Year 2 Skins - Mercy gun
Not much to say about her weapons, other than they got a small redesign and color swaps. Even missing those points, Mercy's skin still stands out on top of the rest. The only problem now is to decide which of her skins to wear into battle? Her other legendaries are just as good as this one, and even some of her epics are fantastic looking.

So what do you think? Do you agree with the ranking or would you swap a few heroes around? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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