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Ranking Overwatch’s New Anniversary Dance Emotes

For part of Overwatch's Anniversary special event, Blizzard has added a specific dance emote for each hero. What dances are the best, and what fell flat? We take a look at all 24 new emotes and rank them from worst to best.

Ranking Overwatch's New Anniversary Dance Emotes
Overwatch is known as being one of the best multiplayer shooters on the market today, with over 30 million players. On top of it being an incredibly fun, well-balanced game, Overwatch is full of 24 unique characters who have their own distinct personalities and backstories. With the Anniversary Event taking place over the next few weeks, Blizzard Entertainment decided to give each character their own dance emote that fits them perfectly. 
With 24 new emotes in the game, it naturally raises the question, “which one is the best?” Well, all of these dances are pretty incredible, so don’t think of the bottom of the list as bad. Instead, think of this as least amazing to most amazing.
24) Soldier: 76, “Dance”

  • Soldier: 76 is definitely trying his best, but it hard to tell exactly what he is trying to do here.

23) Pharah, “Rocket Guitar”

  • Pharah strumming her rocket launcher like an electric guitar is hilarious, but she’s technically not dancing so she gets booted to the bottom of the list.

22) Orisa, “Dance”

  • Like Soldier: 76, it doesn’t seem like Orisa knows what she’s doing. However, it is nice to see her having fun trying.

21) Zenyatta, “Dance”

  • Zenyatta is known for his meditative personality (his original name was Cyber Monk, after all) and it shows here. It’s mesmerizing to watch him move his orbs around and around.

20) Lucio, “Smooth”

  • Lucio already had a dance emote before the event, so he gets a little bonus with another one. However, he tries way too hard in his dance and that takes away from it.

19) Widowmaker, “Ballet”

  • This is the portion of the list where it isn’t bad to be this low. All of the forthcoming dances on this list are great, and Widowmaker’s ballet dance just happens to be a little less great than the rest.

18) Torbjorn, “Dance”

  • Watching Torbjorn do just about anything is hilarious, so his dance here definitely lightens the mood.

17) McCree, “Line Dance”

  • McCree’s line dancing isn’t a lot, but it appropriately shows a fun side to a usually reserved character.

16) Reaper, “Dance”

  • This is about the highest justifiable spot for Reaper’s “dance.” He pretty much has no emotion, so it is very fitting for him just to barely tap his hand and foot.

15) Symmetra, “Dance”

  • Symmetra’s dance is no less than great, but it is barely below the line of amazing to completely hilarious.

14) Ana, “Dance”

  • Ana’s dance is just as good as Symmetra’s, but it gets some bonus points for that coat twirl.

13) Mercy, “Hustle”

  • Mercy is perhaps the sweetest character in the game, so of course, her own version of the hustle is just as sweet. Adding the little hover in between steps gives it that Mercy touch.

12) Junkrat, “Running Rat”

  • At first, Junkrat doing the “running man” didn’t seem too great, but it is an identical remake of Will Smith’s running man from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

11) Roadhog, “Dance”

  • It’s surprising that Roadhog can dance at all considering he’s so large, but Blizzard’s choice for him is perfect. Also, if Junkrat and Roadhog (who are best friends) do their dances at the same time, they end up high-fiving on the way around.

10) Sombra, “Dance”

  • Sombra is known for being subtle and quick on her feet, and her shuffling dance shows off both of those qualities.

9) D.Va, “Dance”

  • Aside from being a Robot Chicken reference, seeing a giant mech dancing is all the reason this needs to be amazing.

8) Hanzo, “Fisherman Dance”

  • It was great of Blizzard to use a traditional Japanese dance for Hanzo, and it completely fits his character. 

7) Genji, “Dance”

  • Genji is Hanzo’s brother, but his dance is nothing close to traditional. His hip-hop dancing is great as a whole, but the highlight here is all in the knees.

6) Mei, “Sunny Dance”

  • Mei is probably the second sweetest Overwatch character behind Mercy, so her doing a sun dance truly shows her optimistic side.

5) Bastion, “Robo Boogie”

  • If a giant mech is amazing to watch dancing, then it is even better to watch an autonomous robot dance all on its own.

4) Zarya, “Dance”

  • Zarya’s dance seems confusing at first glance, but once the connection is made to a very popular aerobics dancing video from the 80s, the powerlifter gets a ton of brownie points.

3) Winston, “Twist”

  • Winston was chosen as the character for the opening of the game because he has a ton of personality. It shows here with a very simple dance in the twist, but because it’s a huge monkey, it is phenomenal.

2) Tracer, “Charleston”

  • With Tracer essentially being the mascot for Overwatch, it makes sense for her to have the most elaborate dance in the game. Between choreography and animation level, the Charleston is one of the best dances in the game.

1) Reinhardt, “Sweethardt”

  • How could this be anywhere other than the top of the list? Reinhardt is waltzing with a huge hammer. Nothing can be better than that.


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