Genshin Impact Co-Op Guide: How to Play With Your Friends Fast!

Follow this guide to understand how to unlock Genshin Impact's Co-op mode and reach Adventure Rank 16 the most efficient way possible. Genshin Impact can be quite intimidating and confusing for new players, especially when it comes to initiating multiplayer.

Genshin Impact Co-Op Guide: How to Play With Your Friends Fast!

Though getting to Adventure Rank 16 does seem rather time-consuming at the beginning of your journey, there are many ways to reach this level fast and efficiently. In this guide, I will go through six of the best ways in which you can gain XP fast in Genshin Impact, which should lead you to Adventure Rank 16, unlocking the co-op feature.

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Genshin Impact - Online Co-Op Multiplayer Gameplay

1. Grind story missions and side quests

This may be obvious to some; however, completing the main story and getting through the side quests quickly as possible will boost your rank massively. Although some of these missions can be tedious, getting through the missions is one of the top ways of leveling your Adventure Rank. You can skip dialogue if you are less focused on the story and get through the main story missions fairly efficiently. Progressing in the story also allows you to unlock more of the map and explore on the way, getting you even closer to playing with your friends.

2. Redeem Achievements and Mail

Genshin Impact has a mail and achievement system in the menu, which allows you to redeem gifts and rewards. When you first start, you will receive some welcome mail containing items and gifts which will help you on your journey’s beginning. Furthermore, by completing quests and doing certain tasks, Genshin Impact will also reward you with achievement rewards, allowing you to claim early XP for something even as small as blowing seeds off a Dandelion with your Anemo ability.



3. Ley Line Outcrops

Ley line outcrops are great for leveling up your Adventure Rank, but also for leveling up your characters, allowing you to progress through missions more efficiently. Ley line outcrops are found throughout the map, manifesting as either blue or yellow mist, which you must interact with. Defeat the enemies that pop up and then claim your reward from the plant that grows with your resin; usually, these can give you around 100 Adventure Rank XP, which is great for such a small task. I would suggest doing around 3-6 of these a day. You can do more, though it takes valuable resources to refill your resin, so I wouldn’t recommend doing so.

Ley Line Outcrop

Ley Line Outcrop


4. Explore the Map

Once again, this may seem obvious to some, but Genshin Impact’s map is one of the densest and populated I have ever played in. Everywhere you look, there are things to be done, which of course, grant you Adventure Rank. So, next time you’re on your way to a mission, a Statue of Seven, or anything of interest, instead of teleporting, make your way there on foot and complete anything you see, whether it be defeating enemies for a chest or even collecting Anemoculus and Geoculus.



5. Make offerings to the Statues of Seven

Throughout the game, you will find many floating blue collectibles known as Anemoculus, and later on in the journey, you will find orange collectibles known as Geoculus. These collectibles are important for levelling up, as players are able to offer them to the Statues of Seven dotted around the map and receive Adventure Rank XP and a stamina bar increase. For beginners, I would suggest using the interactive map online and spending some time collecting as many Anemoculus as you can.

Statue of the Seven

Statue of the Seven

6. Daily Commissions and the Adventurers’ Handbook

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 10, you will receive the Adventurers’ Handbook. This item is essential for levelling up as you receive Adventure Rank XP for completing many of the tasks inside. On the experience tab, there are many easy tasks to get you fast XP in the early game; for example, cooking 5 dishes will give you 100 XP. Furthermore, once you reach Adventure Rank 12, the Adventure Guild will start giving you 4 daily commissions within the Handbook. These are great for levelling up and should be the first missions you complete when you log in. Commissions are usually short missions that gift you Mora, Primogems, and, most importantly, Adventure Rank XP. For how quick these can be, they give you a ton of XP, so get them done!

Adventurers' Guild

Adventurers’ Guild


In the Co-op mode, you are able to invite others into your world and also join other’s worlds by entering their Online ID or unique identifier. Defeat bosses, Domains and explore the world with friends. One thing to note is that if you are in another’s world, you are not able to open chests, activate Teleport points and complete puzzles. However, you are able to receive XP and loot from enemies and bosses. In my experience, levelling up with others makes the journey even more enjoyable, as well as easier with more firepower. Although Genshin Impact can seem intimidating at first, once you get into the swing of things, there is beauty in the grind! 
Co-op unlock

Co-op unlock

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