Genshin Impact Fischl Outfit Guide + All Phantasmal Conch Locations

Genshin Impact Version 2.8 has bought back the Golden Apple Archipelago, fresh with a brand new unlockable outfit for the 4* Bow character Fischl. In order to unlock this new skin, you need to collect 16 out of 20 Phantasmal Conches, which will also give you a bunch of free Primo and materials as you go. Here's where to find them all.

Genshin Impact Fischl Outfit Guide + All Phantasmal Conch Locations

Genshin Impact Version 2.8 has returned the Golden Apple Archipelago to us, a location first found in Version 1.6. This small group of islands offered players new challenges, new rewards, and new areas to explore and it was just a lovely breath of fresh air before Inazuma. One of the features originally on the Archipelago was an event where players had to find a group of collectable Conches. While these would award Primogems, the real reward was actually one of the first character outfits in the whole game – Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit. 

Now that the Archipelago is back, so too are the Genshin Impact Conches. By collecting 16 of these things, you can get Fischl’s Ein Immernachtstraum outfit, along with a bunch of Primogems, upgrade materials and Mora.

Here’s a guide on all Phantasmal Conches locations and how to unlock your brand new Fischl skin.

You can find more information on Genshin Impact Version 2.8 from the official Hoyoverse Website, and check out our other Genshin Impact guides and content here.

How To Gain Access to Conches

Firstly, how do you start collecting the Genshin Impact Conches?

When loading up the game during Version 2.8 for the first time, you will get access to a quest telling you to talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt. This will then take you down the path of meeting the key characters of the Summertime Oddessey event, namely Fischl, Mona, Kazuha, Xinyan and, of course, Oz.

After following some preliminary steps, Venti will give you access to the Golden Apple Archipelago through a Dodoco Teleporter outside of Mondstadt. 

Once you arrive on the island where Version 1.6 ended, Kazuha will leave to survey the area which will allow you to begin exploring the Archipelago yourself – this is where you can begin collecting the Phantasmal Conches.

Conch Availability

Do note: not all Genshin Impact Conches are available as soon as you begin.

After first stepping foot on the Archipelago, you can immediately unlock 14 Conches which will net you around 240 Primo and a bunch of level-up materials. This will then be capped until you get to the next stage of the Event Quest.

Upon completing Kazuha’s quest, 1 more Conch becomes available for a total of 15

Once you get to Xinyan’s segment and completely finish her quest and her Mirage, you gain access to the final 2 Conches needed to unlock the skin for Fischl. 

Fischl’s Domain unlock gives you access to 2 more Conches, 1 in her quest and 1 in the open world.

Finally, Mona’s Domain gives you access to that 1 last Echoing Conch.

Conch Groupings

Each of the Genshin Impact Conches is grouped into one of two categories: the Sojourner’s Song and the Photographer’s Words.

The Sojourner’s Song portion of the Resonating Visions Event contains Conchs found within the Event Domains and totals a number of 4, one for each Domain. These will become accessibly as you progress through the main story of the Summer Odyssey Event.

The second category is the Photographer’s Words, which makes up the majority with 16 Echoing Conches. These are all found in the open world of the Archipelago, but 2 are locked behind story progress: one on the Broken Isle which requires Xinyan’s quest completion, and one on the Twinning Isle which requires progress through Fischl’s quest. 

The Photographer’s Words are also grouped into 3 within that section: Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3. These loosely tell a story within their Acts, and they contain the following Conches:

  • Act 1: Secret Mission Logs 1-5, Ongoing Mission Image 1 and 2.
  • Act 2: Secret Mission Logs 6-8, Ongoing Mission Images 3 and 4.
  • Act 3: Central Camp Images 1 – 4.

Each Conch in this Guide also comes with its associated name in the Resonating Visions Event, so if you’re missing a specific one you can easily find it and get your hands on that free Fischl skin.

Once you have collected 16, simply go to the event menu and claim your Fischl outfit.

Where to Find All Phantasmal Conches

Here is where to find each Phantasmal Conch, including images on the map and in-game. Some areas may look different to your game depending on how far through the story you are (as certain islands change as you progress) but each Conch remains in the same place no matter how the islands are altered. 

This guide will be broken up into areas to more easily direct you. 

All Conches will ping up on the map like Oculi when you get close, informing you of their location but not their exact location (i.e if they are above or below you) so keep an eye out for these pings as you look around the Isles.

Minacious Isle

The first island on our list is the Minacious Isle, a small island near the bottom left of the map. This Isle contains 3 Conches.

Conch 1

The first Conch on Minacious Isle is pretty easy to find. It is located on the ground to the West portion of the island, in a cave underneath the massive hole in the ceiling. This is titled Secret Mission Log: 8 in Resonating Visions.

Conch 2

The second Minacious Isle Conch is above where the first is located. It can be found on a broken stone platform that is jutting out. This one can be quite hard to get to, as it requires some pretty well-timed jumps and climbing sequences: characters like Kazuha and Venti, who both have enhanced jumps from their Skill or Xiao in his Burst will make this bit much easier. This is Ongoing Mission Log: 4.

Conch 3

The final Conch on Minacious Isle is found on the highest point on the island. Once again, getting here can be tricky because of the sheer cliffs, but once you get up to the higher area, just keep going up and it will be waiting.

This is one of the Misplaced Conches, called Central Camp Image: 1.


Pudding Isle

The Pudding Isle can be found in the bottom right of the map and has two big spires making up its main landmass. 3 Conches can be found here.

Conch 4

Pudding Isle’s first Conch can be found on the west side of the island. A simple walk around the beach and the Conch will be sat there on a stone. This is Secret Mission Log: 6 in Resonating Visions.

Conch 5

The second Conch is in a very similar position as the first, only it is located at the bottom of the Isle. Walk up to it and it will be waiting for you on a rock. This is Secret Mission Log: 7.

Conch 6

The final Pudding Isle Conch is found on the top of the Isle. This one is very easy to find, as it is next to the teleport point. Simply go to the top of the island via the teleport waypoint, look over to the left and there the Conch shall be. This is Ongoing Mission Image 3.

Broken Isle

Broken Isle is the island found on the top left-hand side of the Golden Apple Archipelago, and here we can find 5 Conches overall: 4 Conches are available immediately, and 1 Conch requires the completion of Xinyan’s portion of the Summertime Odyssey Event quest.

Conch 7

The first Broken Isle Conch is found on the beach, just south of the drum used by Xinyan in the main event quest. This Conch is sat on a rock and surrounded by foliage. Secret Mission Log: 5 is the name of this Conch for the Resonating Visions Event.

Conch 8

The next Conch is in the middle of the Broken Isle on the floor, also within sight of the drum. It is simply sat on a rock, ready for you to collect. This is titled Secret Mission Log: 4.

Conch 9

Once again, the next Conch is on the beach. Go to the west side of the beach, and pick up your Conch from the rock. This is Secret Mission Log: 3 in Resonating Visions.

Conch 10

On the small island to the northeast of the Isle, you will find the next Conch in a small Hillichurl camp. This is called Ongoing Mission Image 2 within the Resonating Visions Event.

Conch 11

The 5th Conch in the Broken Isle will only become accessible once you complete the Xinyan storyline in the Summertime Odyssey Quest, Blazin’ Trails. 

After unlocking the ability to change the size of the mountains, alter them so that they become shorter. Then, go over to the pillar on the west side of the island, where you will find a hole in the mountain that takes you underground. 

There you will find a Pyro monument submerged in water and 4 torches surrounding it. Amber is recommended here, as she can hit every torch very easily, but any Pyro character works. Activate the torches, hit the monument and the water will drain slightly.

Across the hall, a second monument can be seen, which also needs 4 torches. The first torch is in the large room filled with water next to a torch, the second and third are along the main path from the monument, and the fourth is through the door at the end of the path – enter it, burn the torch, open the gate and then go back through the door.

Once you have triggered this Pyro monument, the water will completely drain and allow you to finally get your hands on the Conch. This specific one is also one of the Misplaced Conches, specifically Central Camp Image: 2.

Twinning Isle

The Twinning Isle is the final major island chain on the Golden Apple Archipelago. On this Isle, you can find 3 Conches. 

Conch 12

On the west side of Twinning Isle’s top island, you will find the first Conch on a medium-sized cliff face. Climb on up and grab it. This is titled Secret Mission Log: 1.

Conch 13

On the same island as the first Conch, go to the top and walk up to the centre of the mountainous structure. The next Conch will be sat next to some burned debris at the top of the cliffs. The name of this is Secret Mission Log: 2 in Resonating Visions.

Conch 14

On one of the smaller islands of Twinning Isle, you will find the next Conch. Like many others, this Conch is near the beach and can be easily walked up to and picked up. This Ongoing Mission Image 1 for Resonating Visions.

Conch 15

The final Conch on the Twinning Isle will only become available after the Isle has been transformed in Fischl’s Mirage during the Summer Odyssey Event quest. I got this Conch after fully completing the quest, but it may be there before you do.

Once the Isle has been changed, go to the topmost island on the right side of the Isle. Here you will find 3 Raven statues standing around a well, which has the Conch at the bottom. To get the Conch, you must throw three stones or ore into the well using an interact button: if it isn’t showing up, talk to all 3 statues.

After the rocks have been thrown in, you have your Conch. This is the final Misplaced Conch and contains the image Central Camp Image 4 for the Resonating Visions Event.

Central Island

There is one Conch that isn’t on one of the major islands, with it instead being found on the main island in the centre of the Archipelago. Genshin Impact veterans will remember that this was where we first fought Maguu-Kenki, a boss from Inazuma. 

Conch 16

The area at the centre of the map has now become a Fatui campsite, where you will find the final open world Conch resting on a wooden crate in the middle of the camp. This is called Central Camp Image: 3.

Domain Exclusive

Alongside the Conches found in the open world by exploring, there are 4 that can be found in the Event exclusive Domains that are unlocked throughout the Summer Odyssey Event. These Conches can be recollected after you finish the Domain, so don’t worry if you have missed them the first time around.

Another tip is that the Conches will still ping on the mini-map when you get close, even if there is no actual map to point towards, so keep an eye out on the areas listed below.

17 (Kazuha’s Domain)

Kazuha Domain Conch

Kazuha Domain Conch

The Conch found in Kazuha’s Domain is found in the 3rd Domain you enter when completing the quest.

This area is filled with floating objects from Inazuma and Liyue, representing Kazuha’s homeland and the place he fled to as a wanderer. Some of these floating objects are whole buildings that can be moved and flipped using the same mechanics found in the previous 2 Domains.

One of these buildings is a multi-storey house. Once you reach it, walk down the stairs to the room on the bottom floor. Inside, you will find the Conch sitting on the table: this will contain the Conch As The Poet Plies Parts of Ether and Earth in the Sojourner’s Song segment of the Event. 

18 (Xinyan’s Domain)

Xinyan Domain Conch

Xinyan Domain Conch

Xinyan’s Domain is slightly different to Kazuha’s. Instead of several distinct and separate Domains, Xinyan’s is one long interconnected maze of doors and floating areas.

To get to the Conch, first, get to the Frozen Heart ice flower by activating the wind gust next to the fire flower on the ground level. Once you get up, walk over to the right and activate the drum that will spawn the bridge over to the Frozen Heart.

Once at the Frozen Heart, turn around and look at the bridge. Head left and you will find a new door to open – enter it.

Continue through this room, completing the puzzles as you go until you reach a combat challenge. There will be a door here that you can enter. Once on the other side, trigger the drum you find there to spawn a new bridge. Follow it, find the door at the end and go through.

This next area is finally the one with the Conch. Complete the puzzles, go through the wind gusts and you will find yourself at the highest point in the room. The conch will be found on the top of a large rock on the left of the room, which can be accessed by using a wind puzzle in that same room. 

Collect it and you will have the next part of the Sojourner’s Song As the Virtuous Vouches for Verity and Valour.

19 (Fischl’s Domain)

Fischl Domain Conch

Fischl Domain Conch

This one is relatively simple. You need to get to the quest step ‘Immernachtreich Apokalypse’ to continue.

After entering the second ‘Hymn of the Holy Land’ book, the one where the great Dragon Tarsque is mentioned at the beginning, simply follow the intended path. After crossing a bridge guarded by 2 Hilichurls and a Mitachurl, the Conch will be waiting for you on a bench to the left of the courtyard.

This Conch is called As the Noble’s Resolve and it is a part of the Sojourner’s Song section of the Resonating Fates Event.

20 (Mona’s Domain)

The final Conch from the Golden Apple Archipelago is available through Mona’s Domain, quest step ‘Ancient Azure Stars’.

After completing Mona’s portion of the event, you can re-enter the Domain and complete some additional puzzles and activities that will unlock secret rooms and compartments.

Just like in the Event story, players will have to unlock certain doors by combining two sides of a constellation, displayed above locked doors. Combine two plates within the mechanisms facing the door and it will open it, leading you to the next puzzle.

Once again, follow the same steps by forming the star pattern displayed around the room with the mechanisms on the floor that shoot beams of light. You will need to do this 3 times in the correct room, which will spawn a chest. After opening the chest, the stars will turn into an arrow directing the player toward a hidden mechanism, which will take them to a secret room.

When you are inside, you will find a treasure chest and the final Conch needed for the Resonating Visions Event.

Congratulations! You now have every Conch on the Golden Apple Archipelago, granting you access to the free Fischl outfit and plenty of Primogems from the Resonating Visions Event.

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