Genshin Impact 3.6 Livestream Shows Off Playable Baizhu, New Sumeru Location and More

The Genshin Impact Version 3.6 Livestream gave a brief overview of what to expect going into the next Version update, which launches in early April. This new update comes packed with a new explorable location, brand new events with the chance to earn a free 4-Star character and two new playable characters, including the long-awaited arrival of Baizhu.

Genshin Impact 3.6 Livestream Shows Off Playable Baizhu, New Sumeru Location and More

The next livestream showcasing the future of Genshin Impact has just concluded, giving us a good look at what Travelers can expect going into the upcoming Version 3.6.

First off, the livestream showed us which new characters will be joining the roster in Version 3.6: the long-awaited Baizhu of Liyue and the famed architect Kaveh will both be making their way to the game throughout the new Version. Baizhu will be a 5-Star Dendro Catalyst, while Kaveh will be a 4-Star Dendro Claymore.

Baizhu is an enigmatic doctor Travellers have known since the game first launched, where he served as the caretaker of Baizhu Pharmacy and the carer of Qiqi. He is going to an interesting support unit, with the ability to spawn a special Dendro shield with his Elemental Burst and summon a tracking Dendro snake with his Elemental Skill that heals your active character based on how many enemies it hits.

Meanwhile, Kaveh is a renowned architect from Sumeru who cares a bit too much about too many things. His main boon is that Kaveh can instantly detonate Dendro Cores created by the Bloom Elemental Reaction by using his Elemental Skill. Then his Elemental Burst will increase his combat potential and boost his Dendro DMG, especially his Charged Attack, which is a spinning slash all around him. 

Phase 1 of Version 3.6 will feature Nahida and Nilou as featured 5 Stars on the Special Character Banner. Then, in Phase 2, brand new 5-Star Baizhu will be running alongside fan-favourite Ganyu. Meanwhile, Kaveh will be available as a featured 4-Star on either Baizhu or Ganyu’s banner, before being added to the Standard 4-Star pool in Version 3.7. 

The other big piece of news is that Sumeru will receive another major map expansion. The Deshret Desert grows once more as another addition to the North-West of Sumeru will be added in Version 3.6. This place was said to be one of the main locations where creatures of the Abyss swarmed during the Khaenri’ah incident 500 years ago, leaving this place desolate and uninhabitable.

This new desert location will have a few new enemies to contend with. You’ll have to contend with a new type of Hilichurl, one much taller and wielding scythes with dangerous elemental abilities, as well as a new type of Abyss Lector. There’s also a brand new Dendro World Boss called the Dendro Dragon, a mighty green dragon who once ruled Sumeru before its body turned the colour of sand. You will learn more about the Dendro Dragon in Act 2 of Nahida’s story quest, which is also launching in Version 3.6. 

New Desert Area

New Desert Area

Like always, there will also be a wide variety of special Events throughout the Version update. This time, the flagship event will be titled A Parade of Providence and tasks Travellers with taking part in a unique Sumeru festival involving the 6 Darshan. This will have a wide variety of activities and tasks to complete based on the personalities and interests of those in charge. There will be the usual suite of level-up resources and materials, but you can also earn a free copy of the Anemo 4-Star Faruzan

Last, but certainly not least, here are the free redemption codes that Travellers can redeem in game. Each code grants a small selection of materials, as well as 100 Primogems per code. However, you only have a short time to redeem them so be quick:

  • 9ARE6VLJT34H
  • 7S9X6V4JB2M9

Genshin Impact Version 3.6 launches on the 12th of April 2023. 

A Parade of Providence

A Parade of Providence

SOURCE:  Genshin Impact Version 3.6 Livestream on Twitch

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