Genshin Impact Klee Build Guide

Spark Knight Klee was one of the first new characters added to Genshin Impact, coming into the game as a small child pyrotechnician. Her unique playstyle and personality have made her a fan favourite, so here is a guide showcasing her best builds, best weapons, best teams, and more.

Genshin Impact Klee Build Guide

The Mondstadt Spark Knight Klee was one of the very first new 5* characters added to Genshin Impact when the game launched in September 2020. She is a Pyro Catalyst user, unique because her Catalyst projectiles are actually a series of physics-based bombs and explosives, unlike the more traditional elements of other Catalyst users.

Klee is intended primarily as a very heavy-hitting main DPS option, although she can become a sub-DPS or even a reaction popper if built correctly. 

Klee has rerun twice already, once in Version 1.6 in the Summer Island Adventure update, and now once again in the upcoming Version 2.8.

Here is all the information you need on how best build Klee in Genshin Impact including her level up materials, which order you prioritise levelling her talents, what her best weapon is, what artifact set bonus you should go for, and overall best team compositions for Klee.

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Who Is Klee?

‘If the hills burn, Klee will be done for!’ —Written in heavy red by Kaeya in the ‘Favonius Survival Rulebook’ – Klee Official Bio

Klee is the smallest Knight of Favonius, and the daughter of the famous Alchemist adventurer Alice. She has an… explosive personality, with a knack for bombs and pyromancy that often results in her getting in trouble with Master Jean. Her best friend is a small little plush toy she has hanging from her bag named Dodoco, and she is a very friendly person. 

As an important character in Mondstadt, Klee has been featured in quite a few pieces of content, most famously being the Version 1.6 Summer update where she was the catalyst that caused Traveller and the group to visit the Golden Apple Archipelago. 

How Do You Get Klee?

Klee is a Pyro 5-Star character she she is only available during periods of her own Event Wish Banner.

As one of the first new 5-stars added to the game all the way back in Version 1.0, Klee has reran several times, with Klee’s banner recently being an available banner where players could get Heizou, the newest 4-star Catalyst. 

Klee has been available on: 

  • Klee’s First Banner (Version 1.0) – October 20th 2020 – November 2020
  • Klee’s First Rerun (Version 1.6) – June 9th 2021 – June 30th 2021
  • Klee’s Second Rerun (Version 2.8) – July 13th 2022 – 2nd of August 2022
2.8 Banners

2.8 Banners

Klee Level Up Resources

In order to level up Klee, you will need these Klee Ascension Materials:

  • Philanemo Mushrooms
  • Agnidus Agate Crystals (Pyro Crystals)
  • Divining Scrolls
  • Everflame Seeds

Philanemo Mushrooms grow in various towns and inhabited areas around the Mondstadt region, appearing as small white mushrooms that stick to the sides of buildings and objects. Klee will need 168 Philanemo Mushrooms in order to reach Level 90 from Level 1. The map below is provided by Genshin Impact Interactive World Map and showcases where each of the mushrooms spawns around the Mondstadt area. If you are struggling to find the specialties, Klee herself is the holder of the passive skill that detects Mondstadt specialties on the mini-map so she can help you find them.

Divining Scrolls are items dropped by Samichurls, the magic wielding faction of the Hilichurls. Hilichurls can be found all over the various continents of Teyvat, with Samichurls even having their own segment in the Adventure’s Guide. Track down the Samichurls using the guide in order to find groups of each so that you can defeat them for their materials. Klee will need a total of 18 Divining Scrolls, 30 Sealed Scrolls and 36 Forbidden Curse Scrolls in total.

The world boss that Klee needs to defeat is the Pyro Regisvine located in Liyue. This massive fire plant is a variant of the same boss found in Monstadt and is easily dispatched with the aid of a Hydro character like Mona or Childe. You will need to get a total of 46 Everflame Seeds in order to fully Ascend Klee to Level 90. 

The final material, the Agnidus Agate Gems, will come naturally through a combination of daily commissions (which drop a random element sliver upon completion) and from defeating the Regisvine (which is likely to drop high tier Pyro gems when defeated). Dust of Azoth can also be used to transform shards of one element into another, so keep that in mind. You will need 1 Sliver, 9 Fragments, 9 Chunks and 6 Gemstones overall in order to complete Klee’s Ascension.

Klee will also require 420K Mora and 415 Hero’s Wit EXP Books in order to get through every rank of Ascension from 1 to 90, so keep that in mind. 


Klee Ability Overview 

Like most 5* Catalysts, Klee’s attacks are very unique and tie into her playstyle as a bombastic pyromaniac, letting her very easily become a main DPS Carry.

Klee The Pyromaniac

Klee The Pyromaniac

Klee’s basic attack is called Normal Attack: Kaboom! and has Klee throwing bombs in a three hit combo. These bombs arc and have a level of physics to them that other Catalyst attacks do not, as well as dealing Pyro AoE damage on hit. Her charged attack is a large explosion that deals AoE Pyro damage in a wide radius from the target, costing stamina to cast.

Her Elemental Skill is Jumpy Dumpty, a massive explosive in the shape of rabbit that has 2 charges. Jumpy Dumpty bounces across the floor up to three times, causing Pyro explosions on every bounce and detonating on the third bounce (or contact with a target). After exploding, the Jumpy Dumpty bomb splits into numerous smaller mines which are separate entities that can individually detonate and deal Pyro AoE damage to anybody caught in their wake for a short time.

Finally, Klee’s Elemental Burst is called Sparks’n’Splash. This is an automated form change Burst, summoning a large red reticule called an Explosive Spark that follows Klee for 10s. This reticule will attack any enemy around Klee or whoever Klee is currently targeting, dealing extra Pyro AoE damage to them. Be careful not to switch off of Klee after popping her Burst, as it will disappear without crossing over to another character.

As you can tell, Klee is the Queen of AOE Pyro DMG, with essentially every single one of her attacks capable of dealing it. As a result, she is a very powerful main DPS unit, capable of triggering not only Pyro reactions, but massive damage through her own abilities. The priority that you may wish to level her talents up is:

  1. Normal Attack: Kaboom!: Unlike many characters in Genshin Impact Klee excels when using her Normal Attack as opposed to her Burst or Skill. They are powerful, but honestly her basic attack is such a good applicator of both Pyro and a good damage dealer that both other options are merely filler in comparison.
  2. Jumpy Dumpty: With 2 starting charges, Jumpy Dumpty is a very good tool to use when engaging multiple foes, with a single thrown bomb capable of dispatching a group on it’s own while you deal with another. The mines that spawn after three bounces are also very useful in specific team comps that make use of grouping enemies (or the mines) together.
  3. Sparks’n’Splash: Compared to both of her other options, Klee’s Burst is just the least impactful. More damage is always good, but this is not a priority when you could be upgrading either her base Normal Attack damage with Kaboom! or her Jumpy Dumpty.
Klee Burst

Klee Burst

In order to fully level Klee’s Talents to level 10, she will need Teachings / Guides To Freedom, Divining Scrolls and Ring of Boreas (boss materials from the weekly world boss Boreas the Wolf) for her Talent materials.

Best Weapons for Klee

Klee has a multitude of weapons at her disposal.

The Ideal Choice

Her best weapon is the 5* Catalyst Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds.

Lost Prayer

Lost Prayer

As a 5* weapon, Lost Prayer will have a higher base ATK compared to other weapons, already making it a great pick for a DPS heavy character like Klee. The weapon also has CRIT Rate as its substat, allowing you to forgo focusing into that in favour of CRIT DMG or pure ATK. 

The main benefit of Lost Prayer is twofold: the first is a 10% increase to movement speed, which helps Klee specifically as a short girl character model, who is (amusingly) actually slower than other characters. This means she can get around fights much easier. The second benefit is an 8% Elemental DMG increase every 4 seconds up to a max of 32%, which lasts until the player ties or the battle ends.

This is great for Klee as everything she does is purely Elemental damage (Pyro AoE) and her slower, more tank-like playstyle means that she has time to accumulate stacks. Klee can also now be even better in larger boss fights: in crowd or group fights, she is already really good because of her AoE capabilities, but with a 32% damage buff, she will be a great pick in all manner of harder fights.

Replacement Options

Unfortunately, not everyone has Lost Prayer. Here are 3 replacement options that also work well on Klee.

One thing to note is that 5* weapons generally have a higher base ATK rating than 4* weapons, as well as more unique or powerful effects. If you have any 5* weapons, give them a try first to see whether or not they will suit your playstyle better than any 4*.

The three weapons we are recommending for Klee are: Dodoco Tales, Solar Pearl and The Widsith.

Dodoco Tales is actually the weapon specifically designed for Klee, matching her aesthetically. For some, this may be all the convincing you need. Dodoco Tails was available from the Summer Island Adventure in Version 1.6 and is currently not available any other way. What the weapon actually does is when you use a normal attack, charged attack damage is increased by 16% for 6 seconds. If you use a charged attack during this time, it will instead increase your entire ATK by 6% for 6 seconds. Like most other weapons, having extra damage is just great but specifically for Klee, she is a unit who mainly attacks using her normals so this is a great pick for her if you already have your hands on it.

Dodoco Tales

Dodoco Tales

The next weapon is the Solar Pearl, the Catalyst available from the Battle Pass. The first good reason in its favour is that its substat is CRIT Rate, meaning that any main DPS character is already benefitting from having it on. Solar Pearl’s actual skill is an interesting one: dealing normal attack damage increase Skill and Burst damage by 20% for 6 seconds, and likewise using a Burst or Skill increases normal attack damage by 20% for 6 seconds. For Klee, this means you have to take her Jumpy Dumpty into more consideration, but it is overall a very good benefit – just remember to cycle between her normals and her Skill every so often for that chunky damage boost.

Finally, The Widsith is a weapon based on luck. It has 3 states: a 60% ATK buff (Recitative), a 48% buff to all Elemental DMG (Aria), and a 240 point increase to Elemental Mastery (Interlude). One of these states will random trigger once the character enters the field, lasting for 10 seconds. Despite the luck aspect to this, Klee benefits from all of these and so as a result, it is a very good weapon to stick on her. Additionally, the substat is CRIT DMG, once again meaning that you can prioritise other things. The Widsith is only available from the Gacha.

Best Artifact Set for Klee

Klee only really has one artifact set-up in order to be most effective.

  1. Four-Piece Crimson Witch of Flames

Crimson Witch of Flame is the artifact set related to Pyro damage, offering buffs to any characters utilising the element including Klee herself. The 2 piece bonus increase Pyro damage by 15%, meaning even more Pyro AoE damage for Klee, where as the four-piece set bonus increases the damage dealt by Pyro reactions. Overload (Pyro + Electro) and Burning (Pyro + Dendro) have their damage increased by 40%, Melt and Vaporise damage is increased by 15% and whenever the character uses an Elemental Skill, the 2 piece bonus becomes 50% instead of 15%. 

Considering that Klee is one of the best characters in the game for reaction application as a Catalyst user, all of the bonus damage to reactions is an incredible boon, but the increase of the bonus Pyro damage to 50% (and beyond as this stacks 3 times) is what truly sells this for Klee. Everything she does is Pyro damage, meaning everything she does is increased by 50%: just spectacular.

4 Piece Crimson Witch

4 Piece Crimson Witch

2. TwoPiece Crimson Witch and 2 Piece Gladiator

This should only really be considered if you are lacking considerable pieces for the Four-Piece Crimson Witch set, but it is still an artifact group that works well. The bonus 18% ATK increase is always going to be good, but it is essentially just a weaker Pyro damage bonus due to the fact that Klee is a Catalyst. However, as previously stated, it is definitely a set that works and the two artifact abilities do synergise well.

Pick Four-Piece Crimson Witch if you have it though: trust us.

Main Artifact Stats for Klee

The main stats that you want on Klee’s artifacts are:

  2. CRIT Rate
  3. ATK

Klee is very basic here. As a main DPS carry, she is mainly just concerned about ATK and making that ATK hit harder. 

A lot of heavy lifting for her damage is done by the artifact bonuses and potentially a Pyro Damage % Goblet, so prioritise CRIT. Having high CRIT DMG is very important, as Klee is able to do so many attacks that deal wide AoE’s that dealing an attack with a high CRIT DMG will erase entire groups of enemies, or chunks of boss health. 

In parallel, having high CRIT Rate ensures that those big numbers do not come rarely. Without the need to spec into Energy Recharge or Elemental Mastery (as Klee is primarily attacking with her Normal Attacks), you can focus on just getting both CRIT stats up, making for a very potent and powerful build.

Rounding it out, ATK is never a bad stat to invest into. The more ATK, the more Pyro AoE damage for Klee. It is as simple as that.

As a Catalyst character, all of Klee’s attacks are Elemental damage so consider picking up a Pyro DMG Bonus goblet for Klee. This will substantially increase her damage, as is the case with any elemental DMG bonus on catalyst characters, especially considering that Klee is just all damage. 

Example Team Compositions for Klee

All of these teams will have Klee as the star of the show, the main DPS, but each will cover a key strength of Klee’s differently. 

This will include a Budget Team that does not require pulling on the Gacha and only rellies on characters gotten through gameplay.

DPS Klee Team: Raw Damage and Reactions

This Team Consists of: Klee, Bennett, Fischl and Venti.

Klee Elemental Reaction Team

Klee Elemental Reaction Team

This is a team which allows Klee to deal a ton of damage regularly as well as with reactions without needing to be off her for very long.

Bennett here serves 2 main purposes: ATK buffs and a backup healer. As a Pyro character, he and Klee together cause the Pyro Resonance to occur, giving the whole team a 25% ATK bonus. His Burst also gives an ATK buff to whoever is stood in it, as well as healing, but if Klee is stood in Bennett’s Burst she will do absurd damage.

Fischl serves as an off-field support, sending out Oz to do chip damage and to cause Overload reactions for Klee. 

Venti can be substituted for a few other Anemo characters, namely Sucrose, but Venti serves best. The main reason you want Venti is his Burst: by using it, he can collapse entire groups of enemies in a singular location. This allows not only Fischl and Bennett to pile onto that location with their abilities, but it gives Klee a singular zone to hit with her Pyro AoE bombs. Additionally, the small mines that spawn from Jumpy Dumpty will each individually be sucked into the vortex, blowing up on anyone inside.

This team is a very fun team and one that can be mixed about at the whim of the player depending on their mood: Fischl could be changed for a Cryo character if you want Melt, Venti could be substituted for Sucrose or Kazuha if you want a bit more offense in your vacuuming up enemies. Either way, it opens up the plays pace for Klee to shine, delivering fiery explosive death from… well, everywhere.

Budget Team

This Team Consists of: Klee, Barbara, Kaeya, Amber / Anemo Traveller.

Klee Budget Team

Klee Budget Team

This team does not require the Gacha and uses party members earnable for free in game (aside from Klee, of course).

Barbara here is our teams healer and applier of Hydro to enemies, allowing for Klee to trigger Vaporize very easily. 

Kaeya is also here for reaction purposes, mainly Melt for Klee, but he can also Freeze enemies by working together with Barbara allowing Klee to inflict Melt DMG. This gives Klee a good opportunity for damage, but also gives the team some more crowd control potential outside of Klee just blowing stuff up.

Amber uses Baron Bunny to taunt and lure enemies into large groups, something that can also be achieved by Anemo Traveller with their Skill. She is also useful as a bow character, and her Pyro affinity means that Klee and everyone else is getting an extra 25% ATK, meaning even more powerful explosions.

While perhaps more basic than other teams, this is a team where Klee can do really well and so can everyone else: each character has a part to play and can be comboed with any other member of the team. This means that this composition is fun, different and a way to highlight the true strengths of Klee: a Pyro AoE Queen.

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