Genshin Impact Players Aren’t Happy With Resin Update

Following MiHoYo's surveys of Genshin Impact player experience, the developer announced an update to the Resin system that many fans have heavily criticized. Unfortunately, the tweak fails to address the problem with Resin refreshing and fans are still very unhappy.

Genshin Impact Players Aren't Happy With Resin Update Cover

Through its recent survey, MiHoYo is attempting to make changes to Genshin Impact‘s Resin mechanic, but it fails to solve the problem at its core, resulting in fan dissatisfaction to the upcoming update. 

Recenetly, MiHoYo has been pushing in-game surveys to collect user feedback on its newest title, Genshin Impact. Although the free-to-play game is gorgeous and offers massive amounts of content without having to pay a dime, many players are unhappy with the co-op mechanics and Resin system.

The most recent survey asked “Why aren’t you currently leveling up any new characters?” And many players responded that there aren’t enough in-game resources due to the limiting Resin system. Resin is very important to Ascension as well as leveling up Artifacts, weapons, and characters, especially after Adventure Rank 20. Using as much Resin as possible will also become a requirement for Ascension to Phase 2, making it a necessary resource for players wishing to reach late-game content. 

Following this slew of criticism, MiHoYo announced that the upcoming 1.1 update would make a change to the Resin system, but unfortunately, players are skeptical that it will tackle the real problem. Version 1.1 will increase players’ cap on Original Resin from 120 to 160, meaning players will have more Resin to spend daily, but even 40 Resin can be used within mere minutes. Additionally, the Original Resin requirement for Weekly Battle Pass Mission is decreasing from 1,600 to 1,200 to earn rewards, but few players were concerned with this to begin with.

Beginner Guide To Using Resin - Genshin Impact

For casual players who only clock one or two hours per day on Genshin Impact won’t see much of an issue with this. But for those spending all of their free time on Genshin, the problem isn’t with the cap, but rather, the amount of time it takes to regenerate the resource is one Original Resin every eight minutes, which is far too slow for most players and essentially forces them to put down the game once they’ve run out of daily quests. Using Fragile Resin or Primogems to replenish Resin has its own caps as well, so players need alternative ways to obtaining the resource without using other rare items. 

While time-gated restrictions such as the Resin system are common for the gacha genre to stop players from excelling too quickly, especially the whales dumping thousands of dollars into Wishing, many Genshin Impact players are hoping to see a bigger change following one of MiHoYo’s many feedback surveys. 

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