Genshin Impact-KFC Crossover Event Cancelled Due to Overwhelming Demand in China

Genshin Impact has recently launched a crossover event with fast-food chain KFC, which gives the community of fans access to exclusive swag. But due to inundated demand that sees specific KFC branches inevitably violating a pandemic measure, the event was called off. Meanwhile, lucky fans who managed to snag themselves some goodies could potentially make a profit by reselling them online.

Genshin Impact-KFC Crossover Event Cancelled Due to Overwhelming Demand in China Cover

Genshin Impact has recently announced a collaboration with KFC for an event that will see consumers getting limited edition goodies. However, due to overwhelming demand that sees fans coming in droves, the Chinese government stepped in and cancelled the occasion. The issue boiled down to the violation of the measure aimed at curbing the spreading cases of COVID-19.

The event, meant to end on March 21st, specifically targets KFC branches in only two of China’s cities, namely Shanghai and Hangzhou. Unsurprisingly, two of the country’s most populous regions. KFC sent out the news via the Chinese social media site, Weibo, which confirmed the postponement.

Mimicking similar marketing stunts for greater customer reach, the crossover event sees fans acquiring pins and stickers during the event. Particularly, for two of the game’s playable characters, Diluc and Noelle, by buying a fried chicken themed after the former. Furthermore, the event also sees the distribution of codes that will give players access to a glider, bearing KFC motif.

Designed to be the rarer of two items, prominent analyst Daniel Ahmad claims that getting pins require more than just procuring the meal. More specifically, consumers will have to utter a code to the KFC employee before getting the merch as a prize.


Meanwhile, those who missed out on the event and are still eager in getting their hands on the goodies could resort to buying online. Resellers are said to be selling the pins at $80 a piece.

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