Genshin Impact Is Apple Design Awards 2021’s Winner for Visuals and Graphics

Apple had just recently launched its annual event, the Apple Design Awards, with Genshin Impact taking home the award for visuals and graphics. With application developers from across the globe participating in the occasion, China-based company MiHoYo makes for a notable presence for its award-winning title.

Genshin Impact Is Apple Design Awards 2021's Winner for Visuals and Graphics

In a recently launched Apple Design Awards, Genshin Impact became a prize recipient for its outstanding visuals and graphics.

The annual event was conducted at Apple’s own Worldwide Developers Conference. The occasion itself is being held yearly in order to recognize excellent talents among app developers from across the globe.

For this year, Apple has established six different criteria, which include delight and fun, inclusivity, interaction, innovation, social impact, and visual and graphics. Winning the last category is Genshin Impact for its “heart-pounding battle scenes and far-reaching landscapes push the visual frontier for mobile gaming”. Particularly, for its “motion blur, shadow quality, and [that] frame rate can be reconfigured on the fly”.

This is not the first time that MiHoYo’s beloved brainchild has won an award, however. Since its debut last year, the game have been a receiver for various awards. Most notably, Japan’s TGS Media Awards 2020 and Google Play’s Best Game of 2020. Even with Apple, its recent winning is not the first after it bagged last year’s iPhone Game of the Year Award.

Although not everything is a win for Genshin Impact, its popularity has called forth other nominations. Such as Best Role-Playing and Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards 2020.

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