Genshin Impact: The Lantern Rite Festival Is the Game’s Biggest Event Yet

The Lantern Rite Festival has come to Genshin Impact and is its most ambitious event yet. Starting February 10 and running the whole month, the event offers exciting new features and rewards. Exclusive quests, including one for the latest character and a new Tower defense mode will surely keep players occupied for a long time.

Genshin Impact: The Lantern Rite Festival Is the Game's Biggest Event Yet

Genshin Impact’s biggest event yet has just been released, bringing a slew of new and exciting features to the world of Teyvat. From different quests, tons of rewards and even a new game mode, The Lantern Rite Festival will surely excite the fans of the game. The event began on February 10 and will run until the end of the month, giving players plenty of time to grab its sweet rewards.

All That Glitters

The event has three phases, each unlocking at a different date, but also having additional prerequisites in order to progress. Things kicked off on February 10 with a couple of quests, one being Xiao’s story quest. It’s a sweet adventure with some heartwarming moments that will take you about two hours to complete. Of note is that during the event, the requirements for this quest are lowered: you will need Adventure Rank of 23 to start the quest and no Story Key, whereas after the event is over, the bar will be raised to AD Rank 40 and a Story Key as well. 

After you complete Xiao’s quest, you will need to complete a short introductory quest that will get you familiar with the kinks of the Lantern Rite Festival and you’ll then be set free to participate in said festival. Two additional quests will be released later, that will expand the story of The Lantern Rite Festival and will have you meet with the Conqueror of Demons once again.

Xiao's story fully embraces the mysticism of the character

Xiao’s story fully embraces the mysticism of the character

Festive Fever

As mentioned, the main event has three stages. In order to progress, you will need to do different quests around the town of Liyue. Finishing them will lift the spirits of the residents of the harbor town, as well as probably yours since they award Mora and Primogems offered as rewards. Ascending through the tiers will unlock new quests and, probably more importantly, new stuff in the Event shop.

Now, the Event shop is where the spice of the Lantern Rite Festival is, but before that, we first need to mention the meat: the new event, the Theater Mechanicus, as the two are closely interlinked.

The Theater is the main attraction of the Festival. It is essentially a tower defence mode, where you place Mechanici (a.k.a. towers) with different abilities on designated places on the map which will then help you fend off waves of enemies and stop them from reaching the portal on the other end of the map. Of note is that your heroes do no damage nor are able to trigger their Elemental Burst skills. This means that you will need to rely on the tower damage and also build a team that has good Elemental Skills, that can help you trigger reactions and/or good crowd control.

Overall, the mode seems quite fun and offers strategic depth with you being able to purchase upgrades for the Mechanici between rounds, with some of them offering big improvements, but also bringing negative effects as well.

By the words of the great Gandalf the Gray: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

By the words of the great Gandalf the Gray: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Winning matches in the Theater Mechanicus rewards you with two types of currencies: Peace Тalismans and Veneficus Sigils. The latter can be used to permanently upgrade towers, which will help you tackle the more difficult levels. There are seven levels in total, which will be unlocked as you progress through the event tiers and in term will wield greater rewards.

Peace Тalismans on the other hand can be spent in the event shop which offers some tasty commodities such as Hero’s Wits, crafting materials and even a chance to get a Crown of Sagehood, the unbelievably rare item needed to ascend a character to level 10.

Lastly, if you get to Tier 3 of the festival and happened to have 1000 Peace Тalismans in your pocket you can buy one of the 4-star Liyue characters. Not a bad deal, if you ask me! Regardless of whether you want to upgrade a character you already have or pick a brand new one, there are definitely some powerful picks on offer. The fact that Genshin Impact ignores its gatcha mechanics and offer a straight choice is a more than welcome decision.

You will be able to grab some of the best characters for free

You will be able to grab some of the best characters for free

May Fortune Find You

Starting from February 11, there will also be a 7-day login reward. For the total duration of the period you will get 10 Intertwined Fates as well as Mora, Hero’s Wits and Enhancement Ores. Combined with the total of 1600 Primogems you can earn during the Festival, you will have a lot of Wishes to make.

Lantern Rite Festival brings a ton of stuff to do and will generously reward players for participating. It will surely bring many Travelers back to Teyvat and will have them building towers, slayin’ baddies or just releasing lanterns in the night sky of Liyue when they need to catch their breath.

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