‘A New Star Approaches’ is Bringing Fresh Content to Genshin Impact

Are you like many others that have run out of content to stay busy with in Genshin Impact? Well fret no more! Genshin Impact is bringing you a load more content in update 1.1 'A New Star Approaches'. No more waiting on resin resets.

Genshin Impact New Star Update Cover

Genshin Impact update 1.1, “A New Star Approaches” will be coming out November 11th and bringing a ton of added content with it. The finale for the Liyue chapter will be added along with extra story content. Additionally, new characters, seasonal events, PS5 compatibility and a new reputation system are making their way in this update.

In addition to the added story content, update 1.1 will also feature new seasonal events for Genshin Impact beginning with Unreconciled Stars. Players will have to engage against a sudden and devastating event that endangers Teyvat. Unreconciled Stars will last two weeks and features a series of new quests, co-op challenges and interesting rewards.

Get ready to rework your parties with the addition of Tartaglia and Zhongli, the new five-star characters. Tartaglia is a hydro character that can swap between ranged and melee combat. Zhongli is a Geo polearm user with powerful AoE attacks, immense defensive abilities, and can even petrify enemies. There are also two new four-star characters, Xinyan and Diona. 

At the release of the new update Genshin Impact will now star a brand-new reputation system. Each region, Liyue and Mondstadt, will each host their own reputation. As players improve their reputation, they will unlock rewards including region-exclusive items and customizations. There will also be new useful tools to unlock, many of which are highly demanded quality of life improvements. The new tools include a portable waypoint and stove, as well as a treasure finding compass and a resonance stone to help find each regions oculus.

The update will also allow Genshin Impact to play on the PS5 via backwards compatibility. So those console players that managed to snag a PS5 pre-order can be happy knowing their progress will carry over with them!

Until the update ‘A New Star Approaches’ becomes available, now is the perfect time to catch up on recent changes to Genshin Impact. Check out our useful guide on the recent Resin update and what it means for players.

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