Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Sumeru Livestream Overview

Version 3.0 is the next big update coming to Genshin Impact at the end of August. The update will usher in a new element, a new region and new mainline story progression with the Archon Quest. Hoyoverse just did a big livestream about Version 3.0 so here's everything you need to know from that livestream.

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Sumeru Livestream OverviewToday is the day that Hoyoverse revealed all the information for their upcoming Genshin Impact update Version 3.0. This is the second substantial Version update coming to Genshin Impact, bringing with it a whole new region in the form of Sumeru. It also adds a new mainline Archon Quest and the addition of the Dendro element.

The 3.0 livestream went into a bit more detail about what we can expect from Sumeru. From its world, story, wilderness, combat and the events, we will encounter when we step foot on the Sumeru soil for the first time. Here’s everything we learned from the Genshin Impact Version 3.0 livestream reveal.

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Version 3.0 "The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings" Trailer | Genshin Impact

Primogem Codes

Firstly, let’s go over the 3 new codes that players can redeem for Primogems in Genshin Impact. These codes will only last for a short amount of time, however, so be sure to go and redeem them quickly to secure yourself 300 sweet primogems.

  • Code 1: KT7DKSFGCRWD
  • Code 2: EA7VKTFHU9VR
  • Code 3: 8ANCKTWYVRD5

The Story of Sumeru

The livestream opened with a new look at the story of Sumeru, which is titled The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings.

What we know so far is that Sumeru is a land of Wisdom. Knowledge is traded and used as a currency here. Yae Miko briefly teased us about this at the end of the Inazuma Archon Quest.

Lesser Lord Kusanali is the Dendro Archon of this region, but she is very young. For an Archon, anyway, at only 500 years old. She was found and appointed after the previous Archon, called Greater Lord Rukkhadveta, disappeared from the world in a calamity a few hundred years ago. Now the people of Sumeru do not see much of their Lesser Lord.

Tension appears to be brewing between the faithful followers of the Greater Lord and those who wish to usher in the era of the new Lesser Lord. This resulted in fights and conflict between all of Sumeru’s people. There is a great tree called the Irminsul which appears to be linked to the Dendro Archon. This is an ominous omen as we have seen a great tree burning in the promotional videos leading up to Sumeru’s release.

Sumeru Burns

Sumeru Burns

As the Traveller continues their search for their lost sibling, they wish to seek out the bountiful knowledge of Sumeru’s lands. This is in hopes it will quell their fears and point them in the right direction. What awaits them in Sumeru is not completely known, but it is certain to be an interesting adventure, to say the least.

The main Archon Quest will run from Version 3.0 to Version 3.2, and Parts 1 and 2 will be available at launch when Sumeru arrives. 

Version 3.0 Wildlife and Environment

Several new areas and locations were pointed out during the livestream. The first big thing to note is that while Sumeru is comprised of both vast rainforests and arid deserts, Version 3.0 will be focused on the theme of ‘forest’. This likely means that the desert portion of Sumeru will be added at a later date, similar to how new islands like Watatsumi Island were added in later Inazuma updates.

The main locations pointed out here were the great Sumeru City and Ormus Port.

Sumeru City is the biggest city in Sumeru and the central location for most of the knowledge and study in the region. Built around the roots and body of a great tree, many of Sumeru’s citizens call Sumeru City their home. The most important is perhaps the Akademia, a group of scholars who pride themselves on their intellect – we have previously met a few members of the Akademia in various event quests. They seem like devout followers of the previous Archon, the Greater Lord, so conflicts may arise between them and believers in the newly crowned Lesser Lord.

Sumeru City

Sumeru City

On the other hand, Ormus Port seems to be the place in Sumeru where people can kick back. Compared to the stunted nature of Sumeru City, where fun seems to be regulated and everything requires some kind of check or allowance, Ormus Port is a place of freedom. This seems to be where the shady dealings of Sumeru go down. It will also be where we encounter one of the new characters called Dori, a travelling merchant who will do just about anything for a bit of Mora.

Surrounding the City and connected to the Chasm in Liyue is an area called the Ayvida Forest, a lush rainforest which travellers must venture through. The forest can be dangerous, however, with beasts and corruption spreading throughout. As such, there is a group known as the Forest Watcher who guard these lands, the members of which include the newly introduced Tighnari and Collei. 

Land of Mushrooms

Land of Mushrooms

Overall, Sumeru’s Middle Eastern style and aesthetics are nothing like we’ve seen in Genshin Impact so far.

New Enemies

Several new enemies call the lands of Sumeru their home.

The first is a new boss called the Jadeploom Terrorshroom. This creature looks like a cross between a dinosaur and a plant, running around the battlefield in an attempt to push you off its turf. Like other aspects of Sumeru’s environment, this boss can be tampered with using Dendro reactions: hitting it with Pyro for example causes the Burning Reaction, resulting in a change in move set and play style. This will likely be the boss players will have to fight to receive Ascension materials for Dendro characters.

Jadeploom Terrorshroom

Jadeploom Terrorshroom

Another new boss is the Electro Regisvine. Like the other plant bosses, this massive flower will have to be broken to stop its relentless assault. This one has a special move, however, where it will spawn a special stigma that must be destroyed before it joins with another, creating a deadly explosion of Electro on the battlefield.

Electro Regisvine

Electro Regisvine

As for smaller enemies, we saw a new form of a Ruin Guard known as a Ruin Drake. These Ruin Guards look to be modelled after dragons, with huge bodies that slink around and look completely unlike any other type of Ruin Guard before now. We also got a brief look at some more new enemies, including some new enemies who looked like revamped Treasure Hoarders and a cute mushroom bird creature. 

The New Dendro Element

Perhaps the biggest shake-up to the combat of Genshin Impact in Version 3.0 is the introduction of Dendro. Previously, enemies have been able to wield Dendro and you could cause the Burning reaction, but Version 3.0 finally adds it as a complete element. 

The main reactions for Dendro are:

  • Burning: combining Pyro and Dendro will cause a target to begin Burning, taking damage over time.
  • Bloom: combining Hydro and Dendro will cause a target to Bloom, spawning a Dendro Core that can be used for future reactions.
  • Catalyse: by hitting a Dendro Core with Electro it will Catalyse, spawning Sprawling Shots to appear and target nearby enemies.

There are other new reactions too. 

Burgeon involves hitting a Dendro Core with Pyro damage, which causes it to explode in a Pyro AoE.

Quicken is the reaction applied when combining Electro and Dendro on a target. Quicken can be changed into 2 other Reactions depending on what Element you use next:

  • If Quicken is hit by an Electro attack, they will Aggravate, which increases Electro damage from that attack.
  • If Quicken is hit by a Dendro attack, they will instead Spread, which increases Dendro damage from the attack.

Dendro is easily the most interconnected element we have ever seen in Genshin Impact, with so many moving parts and additional Reactions.

New Characters Coming in Version 3.0

One of the most exciting things we get every new Version update is a batch of new characters and Version 3.0 does not disappoint. 

The first is the new 5-star character, Tighnari.


Tighnari is known as the Verdant Strider. He is an especially talented scholar who once studied with the Akademia, but left that life to pursue a position in the Forest Watcher. He is our first 6-star Dendro character (not including Traveller) and he wields a Bow in combat.

Tighnari The Forest Ranger

Tighnari The Forest Ranger

He has 2 Charged Attack states on his Bow, much like Ganyu. By allowing it to charge to its apex, Tighnari will shoot a special Wreath Arrow. This spawns additional homing arrows upon hitting a target, all of which deal Dendro damage. 

His Elemental Skill is similar to the Taunt mechanic of Mona but on a wider scale. Tighnari creates a field of illusions at his feet, trapping any enemy within it in a hallucination. During this time, they will wildly attack nothing, even when the player attacks them back. This also decreases his charged time for Tighnari’s next Wreath Arrow.

Tighnari’s Elemental Burst is a massive Dendro-infused arrow shot that fires off many Tanglevine Shafts that home in on enemies. This will deal big damage (which can be boosted higher by Dendro reactions) before exploding into additional arrows that hone in and detonate on the target.

Quite fittingly, his Passive ability allows him to spot Sumeru Specialities on the mini-map much like Klee or Qiqi.


Collei is a character who has previously appeared in the Genshin Impact webcomic. Now she’s back in action now and better than ever. She is currently training as a Forest Watcher with Tighnari, while also learning how to read and write from him due to her lack of connection to the regular world.

Collei The Sprout

Collei The Sprout

Collei, much like Tighnari, is also a Dendro Bow character except she is a 4-star variant. 

Her Elemental Skill involves her throwing a boomerang called a Floral Ring. This will fly out around the battlefield, hitting enemies and inflicting Dendro damage before swinging back around to return to Collei.

Collei’s Elemental Burst is an AoE skill that deals Dendro damage. She will throw a small puppet doll called Cuilen-Anbar which will jump around the AoE. This causes Dendro damage wherever it lands. 

Finally, Collei’s Passive skill is similar to Ambers where it reduces stamina consumption while gliding. 


Last but not least we have Dori, the shady salesman from Ormus Port. She is accompanied by a Djinn who lives in her lamp and is known to go crazy for anything to do with Mora. 

Dori The Shady Merchant

Dori The Shady Merchant

Dori is a 4-star Electro Claymore character who has a unique fighting style where she fits back and lets her Djinn do all the fighting for her.

Her Elemental Skill involves summoning her Lamp as a cannon. Dori will blast a shot at the enemy which will then split into two homing Electro charges that detonate for even more damage.

Dori’s Burst summons her Jinni in the form of a lamp that she places on the field. This lamp will be connected to the player character or any co-op characters, continuously healing them over time. It will also regenerate their Elemental Energy as well. If the connecting line between the lamp and character hits an enemy, they will take Electro damage.

Dori’s Passive skill is that she has the chance to refund part of the crafting materials used when crafting Weapons or Character level-up materials.

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 Event Banners

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 has 4 different banners available across 2 phases of the patch.

The first phase includes the 5-star characters Tighnari and Zhongli as offerings, with the newest 4-star Collei being available on rate-up on both of these banners. Both of these banners will be available during the first half of the 3.0 Update.

Phase 1 Banners

Phase 1 Banners

The second phase includes the reruns of Ganyu and Sangonomiya Kokomi with the new Electro 4-star Dori as a rate-up 4-star on both available banners. These banners will run from the middle of update 3.0 to the end.

Phase 2 Banners

Phase 2 Banners

There will also be a new 5-star weapon introduced called Hunter’s Path but its effects are currently unknown. This will likely be the ideal weapon for Tighnari.

Version 3.0 Events 

Version 3.0 is also coming packed with a lot of new events and rewards.

The first and most important event is the Graven Innocence event. During this event, Travellers will work with Collei at a toy shop in Ormus Port to develop new ideas for future toys. Players will do various things including taking pictures of different fauna and flora, battling various opponents or competing in races to stir those creative juices. The main reward here is a free Collei for all players – the livestream also implied that Collei will be given very early into the quest, letting everyone use a brand new Dendro character in Sumeru.

Graven Innocence Event

Graven Innocence Event

Lost Riches is returning. This event tasked players with hunting down various Iron Coins and treasure troves with the aid of a special Seelie. In Version 3.0, you will get to explore Sumeru with this Seelie. You even take home a new Dendro-coloured Seelie as a pet if you collect enough coins.

Lost Riches Returns

Lost Riches Returns

Tablet Analytics is an interesting event which features a lot of fighting. You will undertake several challenges while under the effect of a Tablet from a Sumeru researcher. This Tablet can grant you a myriad of special buffs and bonuses if you complete certain tasks required of you, such as using specific Reactions or elements. Gather data and information using these tablets to complete the event and earn unique furnishings for your trouble.

Tablet Analytics Event

Tablet Analytics Event

The Fayz Trials is a straightforward brawl with a twist. During combat you can slow down time, allowing you to identify enemy weak points. Then you can soundly and swiftly defeat your foes. These stages will grow in intensity so make good use of this weak point system to crush those who stand before you. You will get a bevvy of Dendro and Sumeru upgrade materials on completion.

Fayz Trials Event

Fayz Trials Event

There will also be another Leyline Overflow event to help kickstart Traveller’s journey through Sumeru. 

Quality of Life Improvements

There is various quality of life improvements coming to Genshin Impact in Version 3.0.

The first is that after Version 3.1, Tighnari will be added to the Standard Event Wish Banner. This means that he will join the likes of Mona, Diluc, Jean, Qiqi and Kequing. He will be available on every banner going forward you fail the 50/50. This is the first time since the game’s launch that a new character has been added to this list. 

More Artifact Strongboxes are being added, allowing you more variety in how you trade in old and useless artifacts. There are also 3 new gadgets coming in Version 3.0. Each gadget offers aid with a different part of Genshin Impact’s gameplay. One helps with collecting wood for the Serenitea Pot, another improves the effects of cooked food and the final one helps improve fishing quality.

Important Notice

An important note to end on is that from now until Version 3.3, the Updates will be much shorter than usually. Up to now, most patches have been around 40 days in total with each phase lasting 20 days or so. 

Version 3.0 will start on the 24th of August and will end on the 28th of September. This means that this patch will only last about a month compared to the usual timeframe. The other patches will also be similarly shorter until Version 3.3 when it will resume as normal. 

This will likely mean that banners will also be shorter, so keep an eye out for that.

Patch Overview

Patch Overview

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 launches on August 24th.


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