How to Unlock and Use the Ancient Stone Key | Genshin Impact 3.4

Learn how to unlock the Ancient Stone Key and use it to get yourself plenty of rewards and goodies in this Genshin Impact guide. Hidden throughout the Desert of Hadramaveth are a bunch of little secrets to uncover, including a vault hidden in the Tanit Camp which requires this Ancient Key to unlock. Here's everything you need to know to get your hands on it.

How to Unlock and Use the Ancient Stone Key | Genshin Impact 3.4

The Desert of Hadramaveth hides many things in Genshin Impact Version 3.4. From hidden ruins to vast vaults of gold and Primogems, there’s plenty to hunt for if you’re in the mood for adventure. One such valuable item that may be of interest to some is the Ancient Stone Key.

This mysterious artefact can be used to open a hidden door somewhere in the Tanit Camp area, awarding the player with plenty for their troubles. However, getting your hands on the Key isn’t that simple: you can’t just wander around to find it. No, to access the Ancient Stone Key you need to complete a fair few tasks before you can access the Tanit Tribes bounty.

Here’s how to unlock, and then use, the Ancient Stone Key in Genshin Impact.

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How to Unlock the Ancient Stone Key

Prerequisite Quests

In order to gain access to the Ancient Stone Key, you must first undertake several different quests. Specifically, you must complete all of the Tanit Tribe quests. This includes:

  • The Dirge of Bilqis
  • Rejoice With Me, For What Is Lost
  • Tadhla the Falcon
  • Apocalypse Lost
Adventures in the Desert

Adventures in the Desert

The most important of these is The Dirge of Bilqis. This is the most prominent Desert of Hadramaveth questline in Version 3.4, with it unlocking huge swathes of the map to explore throughout its several quest steps. In order to begin this quest, you need to have completed the Golden Slumber questline from Version 3.2 in the Deshret Desert. The Dirge of Bilqis is the continuation of Jeht’s story into the Desert of Hadramaveth and beyond. Golden Slumber can be accepted from Aaru Village, whereas the Dirge of Bilqis will be given to you by Katheryne in Sumeru. 

Once you have fully completed The Dirge of Bilqis, you will gain access to the other 3 quests. Rejoice With Me, For What Is Lost is the most basic quest. Simply return to Jeht’s tent at the Tanit Camp and you’ll find her there with a new quest. Accepting it will lead you down the road of repairing Benben, the construct you rescued from some underground ruins in the Deshret Desert. This quest will unlock as soon as you finish The Dirge of Bilqis.

The next step is to complete Tadhla the Falcon. This is one of the more memorable questlines for the Tanit Tribe involving a younger Eremite called Tadhla. Unlike with the previous quest, you will need to wait until the daily reset after completing The Dirge of Bilqis for this first quest to appear. This means waiting until your Daily Commissions, Battle Pass quests and Domains roll over to the following day. You’ll find it at the Tanit Camps and you will have to finish this short quest line (which ends with The Fallen Falcon).

Apocalypse Lost is up last. You’ll need to have completed all of the other quests before this one becomes available. There are a lot of moving parts and items you have to collect around the world to make this quest appear, which mostly involves collecting various Chess Pieces around the Desert of Hadramaveth. You can find an extensive guide to all of the Chess Piece locations (including how to start the Apocalypse Lost quest) in our guide here.

Where it all Started

Where it all Started

Stone Key Quest

With all the prerequisite quests ticked off, you’re finally ready to undertake the quest chain that will lead you to the Ancient Stone Key. Said quest chain is titled Her Foes Rage Like Great Waters… 

You can begin this series of quests by visiting Yuften on the lowest level of the Tanit Camp. He’s beside the crocodiles and should have a new quest for you, Behold, the Sign Comes Like a Thief. There are a total of three quests to complete for this series of quests and they must all be undertaken to obtain the Key. The story spells the downfall of the Tanit Camp and the conclusion of this leg of Jeht’s journey. 

Upon completing the final quest in this chain, For Her Judgement Reaches the Sky, the Tanit Camp will be completely deserted. Return to where Babel once stood and you’ll find something glowing on the top-right of the mat she always stood on. You’ll receive the Ancient Stone Key for your troubles, as well as some more information and lore on the Tribe.

Return to where Babel once stood after the quest - Genshin Impact Ancient Stone Key

Where Proud Babel Once Stood

Using the Ancient Stone Key

Once you have obtained the Ancient Stone Key, head back down to the lowest level of the Tanit Camp. You will s a closed mechanical door half buried in the sand. Before now, you could interact with the said door but you wouldn’t be able to open it.

Now, though, you have the Ancient Stone Key. Slotting the key into the door opens the chamber and reveals a small hall of gold and Luxurious Chests. Each of these chests gives you 50,000 Mora each, totalling up to 200,000 Mora earned. This is in addition to the 120 Primogems you would have earned from completing Her Foes Rage Like Great Water.

That was how to find and use the Ancient Stone Key in Genshin Impact

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