Genshin Impact: How to Easily Get Dynamic Skins for Genius Invokation TCG

This guide will show you how to easily get a few Dynamic Skins for your cards in Genshin Impact's new game mode, Genius Invokation TCG. With Version 3.3, Travellers can play an extensive TCG game mode, complete with flashy and animated card art, so this guide will show you all the ways to get Dynamic Skins and the easiest way to get them early on.

Genshin Impact: How to Easily Get Dynamic Skins for Genius Invokation TCG

Genshin Impact has recently added a new permanent game mode: a trading card game. What’s more surprising than merely existing is that it’s entertaining! Genius Invokation TCG is a fun departure from the standard Genshin Impact gameplay loop, with plenty of cards to collect, people to duel and Primogems to be won. 

An essential part of any trading card game is making sure that your cards are in the best quality they can be: enter Dynamic Skins. These skins can be applied to almost any card in the game, changing how they look and making them appear a lot more appealing on the mat. While they don’t have any stat changes or additional moves, plenty of players are indeed wanting to get their hands on these merely for the prestige (and pretty art) alone. 

Getting these Dynamic Skins can take a bit of graft, though. You’ll have to play a lot of TCG before you get your hands on even one of them, but there are a few ways to kickstart your Dynamic Skin collection early.

Here’s how to easily get Dynamic Skins for your cards in Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG.

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What are Dynamic Skins?

Dynamic Skins are a visual change to the cards you use in Genius Invokation TCG battles. This includes your Character Cards, as well as your Equipment, Support and Event Cards. 

Character Cards are where you can see the biggest improvement from Dynamic Skins. On Normal Skins, the character will be in a static pose, with a plain background and a basic trim. Meanwhile, Dynamic Skin Character Cards gain movement and animation while idling (as well as a unique animation for their Elemental Burst in a duel) as well as a holographic finish to the entire card and a golden trim to seal the deal. Compared to ordinary Character Cards, the ones with Dynamic Skins really stand out, making them desirable for any player who wants to flex on their opponent. 

Your Action Cards can also get Dynamic Skins. While less interesting or immediately noticeable than the Character Cards, these can add a bit of flair to your hand. Instead of adding any animation or dynamic movement, Dynamic Skins on Equipment, Support and Event Cards give the cards that same golden border. Additionally, a new holographic pattern appears across the entire card. Any of these Action Cards can get a Dynamic Skin (even lower level versions of cards, such as the Broken Rime’s Echo compared to the Blizzard Strayer). 

So now that you know what they look like, how do you get your hands on these Dynamic Skins?

How To Get Dynamic Skins

There are a few mainstay ways of getting Dynamic Skins in Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, the majority of them require a lot of playtimes and a high player level to achieve.

One thing to note regarding purchasing Dynamic Skins is Card Proficiency. When you use a character card in battle, it will slowly gain proficiency. Once you hit proficiency level 10, you will unlock a Dynamic Art version of that Character Card’s Unique Equipment item. You also then unlock the ability to purchase that Character’s Dynamic Skin from the Card Shop.

Level 10 Proficiency

Level 10 Proficiency

The Card Shop

The Card Shop is the best place to begin, as this is where you will likely accumulate the majority of Dynamic Skins as time goes on. In the Cat’s Tail, you can speak to Prince to gain access to various features of Genius Invokation TCG: Player Level, Tavern Card Challenges and, most important for today, the Card Shop

This is where you will purchase new Equipment, Support and Event Cards from Prince to build out your deck. You can also buy Character Invitation Letters (used for acquiring more Character Cards) and new Card Backs, as well. Vitally, Prince will sell the player Dynamic Skins for every card in the game.


There’s a catch, though. To buy even one of these, you will need a lot of coins and a lot of experience. Dynamic Skins are locked in the shop until you hit Player Level 5, and even when they unlock, they will cost a fair few coins to purchase:

  • Dynamic Character Cards cost 4000 Coins each
  • Dynamic Equipment and Support Cards cost 1400 Coins each
  • Dynamic Event Cards cost 1000 Coins each

Over time, you will steadily gather enough levels and enough money to quickly take all of what Prince has to offer. When you’re starting, though, those precious Dynamic Skins may feel painfully out of reach. 

You can buy Dynamic Skins from the shop at Level 5 - Genshin Impact Dynamic Skins

Buying Dynamic Skins

Level Rewards

The other guaranteed way of getting Dynamic Skins is through your Player Level. As you battle more NPCs and friendly faces at the Cat’s Tail, you will slowly build up experience from duelling. This contributes to your Player Level, which can be checked at Prince.

Each time you go up a level, there are several rewards and bonuses waiting for you (similar to your Adventurer’s Rank or Serenitea Pot Trust Level). This includes Primogems, new Card backs, new Card Mat backings, Character Invitations and Blank Dynamic Cards.

We’ll go into more detail on Blank Dynamic Cards in a moment, but these are a surefire, guaranteed way to get your hands on some Dynamic Skins. Unfortunately, these only drops as rewards from player levels 9 and 10. This puts them as a way-off goal for most players, as opposed to an obtainable start to your Dynamic Skin collection.

There is one more method, though. A method that will guarantee you at least a few Dynamic Skins right at the start of your TCG journey.

Player Level

Player Level

The TCG Player’s Manual – The Easiest Method

The TCG Player’s Manual is an additional path for rewards and bonuses earned through playing Genius Invokation TCG. This can only be accessed inside the Cat’s Tail and it is very similar to the Experience section of the Adventurer’s Handbook, or the Serenitea Pot Level, where completing specific challenges and activities will earn you a bunch of nice rewards.

For Genius Invokation TCG, this is the TCG Player’s Manual. Each section is broken down into Matches, where you must complete a handful of challenges to proceed to the next section. Not only will you receive a reward for each challenge you compete in (whether that be coins or Cards) but you will gain several helpful rewards every time you ascend to the next section. 

Each time you complete every challenge in a section, you get: 

  • 60 Primogems
  • 500 Coins (+500 for each section) 
  • A Blank Dynamic Card

The coins and Primogems are nice, but it is the Blank Dynamic Cards that we’re after right now. This is the only way that players can quickly snatch up a few Dynamic Cards early into the game.

Blank Dynamic Cards guarantee a Dynamic Skin - Genshin Impact Dynamic Skins

Blank Dynamic Card

Blank Dynamic Cards

To briefly explain how Blank Dynamic Cards work, they bypass the level requirement and proficiency requirement for purchasing Dynamic Skins by just giving you a Dynamic Skin for a Character Card of your choosing. One Blank Dynamic Card gives you one Dynamic Skin.

Once you have one of these in your inventory, click on it to enter a new screen. Here, you can select which of the 27 (current number as of Version 3.3) Character Cards you want a Dynamic Skin for. As previously stated, you can even choose a Dynamic Skin for a character you haven’t hit proficiency rank 10 with. 

These are fantastic ways to begin your journey into Dynamic Skins. While they are limited, they provide an easy way to get Dynamic Skins quickly and easily. You just need to complete the challenges in each section. 

Skin Exchange

Skin Exchange

The First Match

The First Match is the first set of challenges given to you in the TCG Player’s Handbook. These can be completed relatively easily and, upon completion, you’ll net yourself your first Dynamic Skin as a reward.

The challenges for the First Match are:

  • Purchase a Match Invitation Letter at the Card Shop (Additional Reward: Paimon Card)
  • Complete 20 Open World Player Challenge objectives in total (Additional Reward: 500 Coins)
  • Complete 1 Tavern Guest Challenge (Additional Reward: 500 Coins)
  • Build 2 valid decks within your Casket of Tomes (Additional Reward: 500 Coins)
  • Purchase 5 cards at the Card Shop (Additional Reward: Mondstadt Hash Brown Card)
  • Obtain 3000 Lucky Coins in total (Additional Reward: Mondstadt Hash Brown Card)
The First Match

The First Match

Some of these challenges are really easy to knock out. Purchasing a Match Invitation Letter costs 1000 Lucky Coins, which can easily be rounded up while completing the other challenges. Same with purchasing 5 cards at the card shop, which can easily be completed by buying 5 low-cost Event Cards for 500 Lucky Coins a piece.

The 20 Open World Player Challenge may seem relatively easy at first glance. While it is, there are a few caveats. When you challenge an NPC in the open world, they will have 3 objectives attached to them. These award coins, cards and exp for your Player Level. Many of the challenges are extremely easy, but some ask you to do certain things (perform an Elemental Burst, equip a Weapon Equipment card, etc.) that may trip you up if you don’t know. Read through the challenges on each character first, then smash them to take out this challenge. 

Talent Guest Challenges can be undertaken at Player Level 2. While in the Cat’s Tail, up to 4 random Guest characters will appear and rotate out every week. These have much hard decks and strategies than those in the open world, so be cautious when fighting them. Simply beat one of them to earn this challenge.

Once all of the Match One challenges are complete, return to the Cat’s Tail and pick up your rewards. Now, you have a nice shiny Blank Dynamic Card to turn into any Dynamic Skin you want.

NPC Challenges

NPC Challenges

The Second Match

If you’re craving another easy skin, the Second Match is also quite simple. You’ll need to progress a bit further in the TCG game (reaching around level 4 so you can unlock new players in Liyue) but that isn’t especially difficult to do. 

The Second Match challenges are:

  • Collect 70 cards (Additional Reward: Paimon Card)
  • Obtain 10 Character Cards (Additional Reward: Toss-Up Event Card)
  • Complete 40 Open World Player Challenge objectives in total (Additional Reward: 700 Coins)
  • Complete 3 Tavern Guest Challenges (Additional Reward: 700 Coins)
  • Obtain 10,000 Lucky Coins in total (Additional Reward: Toss-Up Event Card)
  • Complete the Player Ascension Challenge to raise your Player Level to 3 (Additional Reward: 700 Coins)
The Second Match

The Second Match

Once again, a few of these are easier than others. Across your journey to reach the higher-difficulty challenges, you will easily acquire 70 Cards, 10 Character Cards and 10,000 Lucky Coins. Additionally, you will need to beat the Ascension Challenge to complete several of the other challenges, so this will be easy to obtain as well.

Just like Match One, the Open World Player Challenges are easy to knock out as long as you know what they are. Once you hit Level 3, more NPCs pop in Liyue for you to battle and even more show up at Leve 4. These give you easy access to the 40 challenges you need, so long as you read through their challenges first. Also, some of the NPCs may be unavailable to battle if they are preoccupied with a previous quest, so be sure to knock these out first. 

Clean up the last few Guest Challenges you need and the Second Match rewards will be yours. That includes another Blank Dynamic Skin Card to expand your Dynamic Skin collection. 

Tavern Guests

Tavern Guests

The next time you can pick up a Blank Skin Card from the Third Match section, you will likely have already hit level 5. Then, you’ll be able to buy them straight from the Card Shop. Match One and Match Two are the quickest, and easiest, ways to get some early Dynamic Skins.

That is how to easily get Dynamic Skins in Genius Invokation TCG within Genshin Impact.

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