Genshin Impact Lisa Outfit Guide: How to Unlock A Sobriquet Under Shade

Check out this guide to learn how to claim the brand new Lisa Outfit for free in Genshin Impact Version 3.4. With the newest Version update, 2 new character outfits were added to Genshin Impact, including Lisa's new skin, A Sobriquet Under Shade. You can earn this skin for free exclusively during Version 3.4 and you can learn exactly how in this guide.

Genshin Impact Lisa Outfit Guide: How to Unlock A Sobriquet Under Shade

The next batch of new character outfits has finally been released in Genshin Impact. In Version 3.4, two new characters received new 4-star outfits similar to the ones previously given to characters like Fischl, Barbara, Keqing and more. Those two characters are Lisa and Kamisato Ayaka

Ayaka’s new skin, Springbloom Missive, can only be obtained by purchasing it using Genesis Crystals. Lisa’s new skin, though, can be earned completely for free by simply playing one of the Versions brand new events: 

Here is everything you need to know about how to unlock Lisa’s new outfit in Genshin Impact Version 3.4.

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Lisa’s Newest Outfit, A Sobriquet Under Shade

The new outfit Lisa receives during Version 3.4 is called, A Sobriquet Under Shade. This outfit, like many others in Genshin Impact, has its roots in either the game’s lore or events. For Lisa, this outfit represents the time she previously spent as part of the Akademiya in Sumeryu before she returned, and became the Librarian in, Mondstadt.

As such, Lisa’s new outfit is heavily inspired by Sumeru outfits and the style worn by many researchers in the Akademiya. She foregoes her usual purple outfit for the rich forest greens of Sumeru. Her iconic witch hat has also been replaced by a simple, yet elegant, beret.  An interesting detail of the outfit is that Lisa’s Vision changes size: previously, her Electro Vision was a small jewel attached to her cloak, but in her new outfit the Vision is much larger and hangs by a chain. 

This outfit combines the styling of Lisa’s iconic outfit with the fashion of Sumeru. It’s a simple, elegant affair that perfectly compliments Lisa’s character. Now, how do you get it?

A Sobriquet Under Shade

A Sobriquet Under Shade

How to Get A Sobriquet Under Shade

To obtain Lisa’s new outfit for free in Version 3.4, players must take part in the Second Blooming event. This event starts on the 31st of January and will last for 13 days until the 13th of February: after this date, the only way to obtain the outfit will be to purchase it from the shop for approximately 1680 Genesis Crystals (or about $15). 

You can begin the Second Blooming event by starting the quest A Librarian’s Long and Carefree Location in Sumeru. You’ll be directed to talk to Effendi, the NPC who gives you Sumeru Bounties and Requests each week, to begin. You’ll have to watch a few cutscenes and talk to several other characters (as well as get a close look at the new Lisa skin in-game) before you are told to go North to the Mavtiyima Forest. 

Quest Start

Quest Start

Here, you’ll find a new Domain called the Domain of Buried Roots. This is where you will face off against numerous new foes and attempt to complete challenges to earn the coveted Lisa outfit in Genshin Impact.

So, what do you actually have to do in Second Blooming to get the skin?

The Domain

The Domain

Claiming the Outfit

To claim the outfit, you need to fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Complete all 5 of the Event Challenges
  2. Score a total of 10,000 points for all challenges

The Event Challenges in question are battle challenges consisting of 3 rounds. These will be unlocked daily from the start of the Second Blooming event, meaning that the A Sobriquet Under Shade skin will become available to claim on the 4th of February. 

Meanwhile, the second half of the claim asks you to score a total of 10,000 points. Each of the different challenges has a separate score associated with them based on how well you do. However, you only need to score 10,000 points across all 5 Challenges, not get 10,000 in each challenge. You can do this very easily by completing the first challenge, My Name is Violet, on Hard mode which will net you over 10,000. This will complete this part of the challenge for you on the very first day. 

Claiming the Outfit

Claiming the Outfit

Second Blooming Challenge Guide

The 5 combat challenges task you with facing down three waves of enemies with three distinct teams that you create. Like with other Genshin Impact combat events, you are given a small handful of trial characters to test out and use during this event, including Lisa in her new outfit. 

Each of the challenges has a special Ley Line Disorder that provides unique buffs and effects that may aid you in combat. They also have a selectable difficulty, ranging from Easy (1x Score Multiplier) to Normal (2x Score Multiplier) to Hard (4x Score Multiplier). Because you have to complete these challenges with the most points you can to not only claim the skin but also earn a ton of free Primogems, it is worth doing these on the higher difficulties if you can.

How Second Blooming is different from other combat events is how the team system works. Before you begin, you select three teams of four and equip them with a variety of buffs and bonuses (60% Electro DMG Bonus, 60% Dendro DMG Bonus, Crit DMG increased by 80%, ext.). However, across the three teams will be three characters who are Linked.

Linked characters appear on two teams instead of just one. They will also have their DMG increased by 30% and will gain 2 Elemental Energy every second they are off-field. For example, if Lisa is Linked in Team 1 and Team 2, she will be playable during both the first and second rounds, as opposed to Yae who will only be playable for the first. Picking powerful characters to become Linked is a good way to rack up more points. 

Certain characters can be Linked for bonuses and more - Genshin Impact Lisa Outfit

Team Selection

Each challenge has a different set of enemies to fight and a different Ley Line Disorder, but the general rhythm will be the same. Pick your teams, equip them with buffs and use the Linked bonuses to lay waste to your foes. Do that for each challenge, achieve a cumulative score above 10,000 and voila, Lisa’s new skin is yours.

That is how to obtain the new Lisa Outfit in Genshin Impact.

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