6 Secret Genshin Impact Achievements and Chests You Likely Missed in Sumeru

Sumeru has a ton of secrets in Genshin Impact Version 3.0, many of which are very easy to miss when exploring. Some of these award Mora, some award achievements and other award high rarity chests. Here is a guide to 6 secrets hidden around Sumeru that you may have likely missed while wandering.

6 Secret Genshin Impact Achievements and Chests You Likely Missed in Sumeru

Genshin Impact Version 3.0 has bought the new region of Sumeru, the Nation of Knowledge. And with knowledge, comes secrets and Sumeru has plenty of them. 

Aside from the regular chests and puzzles that are hidden around the various biomes of Sumeru, there are a handful of more elusive secrets. These can net players some well-hidden chests and achievements which will award some sweet, sweet Primogems. One such example is the series of riddles that Travellers can find around Sumeru City: if you want more information on this achievement, you can find a dedicated guide here.

Here are 6 secret achievements or chests you may have missed while exploring Sumeru in Genshin Impact Version 3.0.

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1. Giving Collei a Hand

Collei is a character that many players have been waiting for for a while. She first appeared in the Genshin Impact webtoon and made her first appearance in-game during the start of the Sumeru Archon Quest in Gandharva Ville. After returning from Mondstadt, she started to try and make a new life as a Forest Ranger under the tutelage of Tighnari.

During the story, Collei is debilitated by her Elezar illness and comes to give you a small goodbye as you leave for Sumeru City. You never have to come back here during the main Archon Quest, and while you will see Collei if you undertake the Graven Innocence event, you may be wondering what happened to her. As it happens, you can give her a hand.

Return to Collei’s bedroom in Gandharva Ville to see that she isn’t there. There will be a large purple plant by her bed and a note on the desk. This note talks about how the flower needs some more sunlight and attention, causing Paimon to suggest helping Collei out. Pick up the plant, plop it outside the door and then go back to write a small note to let Collei know what’s up.

If you come back the next day (so after the game resets and new Daily Commissions come in), you will see the flower gone. A new note will be on the table and if you read it, you will learn that it is from Collei and directed at you. She thanks you for your effort in helping her plant, giving you some small rewards as a thank you. This should unlock you an achievement, as well as the feeling of warm satisfaction. 

Collei's Flower

Collei’s Flower

2. A Lot of Walking

Set aside some time for this Sumeru secret in Genshin Impact. This achievement asks you to escort one of Sumeru’s Schumpeter Beasts back to its owner… this will likely take over 10 minutes.

Start from the Statue of the Seven between the Fave of Ashvatta and the Yazadaha Pool. From here, turn around and jump onto the main road going from East-to-West. On this path, you should find a lone Schumpeter Beast walking towards the West. This is the Beast that you must escort and keep safe. 

Schumpeter Beast

Schumpeter Beast

Be warned: if you attack this creature, it will attack you and you won’t be able to get this achievement until a while later. You will need to travel ahead of it to dispatch several Eremite groups or Rishboland Tigers. You can fight them as you come across them with the Schumpeter Beast, but there is a strong likely hood that you will hit it from a glancing blow.

After you have walked across this entire main road, the Beast will eventually begin to walk off the main road and into a group of Eremite houses in the forest. Waiting for it as you arrive is an Eremite wielding a crossbow. The Eremite will be overjoyed! So much so that he then begins to attack you… alongside the ungrateful Beast you just spent 10 minutes escorting.

Defeat the Eremite (and the Beast if you really want) to get the Long Awaited Reunion achievement and a free chest for you to unlock.

Walking Beast Full Route

Walking Beast Full Route

3. University Funding

The next Sumeru secret in Genshin Impact is a pretty easy chest to get (and one that will be very generous to your wallet). When playing through Genshin Impact you will likely run out of Mora at one point or another, whether to artifacts, talents or what have you – this secret should help alleviate that. 

In Sumeru City, you will find the grand institute known as the Akademiya. This place serves as both a governing body and an actual location you can visit and it is where you will want to go for this next chest. You can easily access this place from a teleport point at the entrance of the building. 

The Akademiya

The Akademiya

Walk into the Akademiya and past the pretty fountain that greets you. You will enter a large room and with a bridge going across it. Ignore the bridge and instead jump beneath it. On the right side of the room (the right side from where you entered), you will see a set of spiral stairs and a Luxurious Chest resting at the bottom.

On the downside, this isn’t a Luxurious Chest containing Primogmes. However, on the upside, it does contain 100,000 Mora, which will go a long way when you need to upgrade all of your new Sumeru characters and weapons.

Money Chest Location

Money Chest Location

4. Mushroom Madness

Speaking of Luxurious Chests, this next secret is a real one. You will find this in the South of Sumeru in an area known as the Apam Woods. You have to come here for the Arankaya questline and so you may already be familiar.

These trees have many different outcrops and points of contact where enemies, chests and Sumeru specialities rest. On one of these areas, you will find a house and behind that house a series of glyphs and symbols. These symbols correspond to different mushrooms that are scattered around the Apam Woods.

By shooting these mushrooms with Dendro, you will unlock a Luxurious Chest at the location of the glyphs. You will know the correct mushrooms to shoot as they will have a matching rune carved on the trees behind them.

In total there are 7 mushrooms you need to hit. Their locations are displayed on the map below in the form of Clover markings. Some of these may take a while to get to, as they require zipping using the Dendro zip-line points or climbing tall trees. Once you’ve found all 7, return to the starting area and you should find a nice chest waiting for you.

Apam Woods Chest Map

Apam Woods Chest Map

5. A New Painting

The next two secrets require the completion and progression of the Arankaya questline. This is a very long questline that involves the Aranara of Sumeru and a new NPC called Rana. You can begin this quest by helping Rana outside of Sumeru City.

After you get through the many, many parts of the Arankaya quest, you will finally get to explore the area known as the Lost Nursery or Old Vanarana. This area of the map will be completely inaccessible until you complete the 3rd part of the quest.

You will be stood by the new tree that Arama has turned into when the quest ends. Earlier in the mission, you will have found yourself in a room with about 5 or 6 murals on the wall and a pool of water in the centre. This is an unskippable area and connects to the room where you fight Marana’s Avatar.

Mural Map

Mural Map

If you have already left this area, do not fret as it is relatively easily returned to. The teleport waypoint closest to the North-side of the Lost Nursery will take you to a caved-in hole that was once filled with sand. At the bottom of this hole, you can find the room once more.

The room has become buried in sand and many of the key sights are gone after the boss. However, one mural remains at the back of the room and if you interact with it, you’ll net yourself a nice achievement for your trouble. The mural? What once showed one golden Aranara now shows two, both battling against the malignant forces of the Marana.

Golden Mural

Golden Mural

6. An Abyssal Gathering

Finally, our last Genshin Impact Sumeru secret is another Luxurious Chest located in the Lost Nursery. You will want to bring along a Hydro character for the next section. 

Around the Lost Nursery, you may notice that there are quite a few Abyss Mages, all Pyro attuned, who are praying around small beacons of fire. If you go and attack one of these Abyss Mages, a mysterious voice will call out to you and ask if you can aid them in dispatching these fiends. Beating up the Abyss is what you’re best at so you should oblige. 

You need to extinguish the flames on the beacon as that is the trigger to continue the quest. A Hydro character or possibly an Anemo character will work here. The 7 Abyss Mage locations can be seen on the map below, marked by a Hilichurl mask symbol. All the mages are on the mainland and are not located belowground.

Once you have beaten all of them, you will hear a different voice which belongs to an Abyss Lector. He will challenge you to a fight and will be waiting at the nearby Statue of the Seven to make good on his threat. Beat him and after he despawns, a Luxurious Chest will appear. You will also get the achievement Song of Night and Dawn

The Lector waits

The Lector waits

There are 6 secret chests or achievements that you may have missed during your time in Sumeru in Genshin Impact.

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