Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Fading Rumination Domain in Sumeru

Learn how to unlock one of the two new Domains that was just added to Genshin Impact. Fading Rumination is a new Domain found in the Desert of Hadramaveth, and in this guide, you will learn exactly where to find this Domain, how to unlock it and what kind of rewards you can get if you can complete it.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Fading Rumination Domain in Sumeru

Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact has bought with it a brand new area in Sumeru. This is the Desert of Hadramaveth, a massive stretch of sand and ruins to the top-left of the region. Alongside new enemies to fight and chests to loot, the Desert of Hadramaveth has also bought with it two brand new Domains for players to find and pillage. 

The Domain that we will be looking at in this guide is called Fading Rumination (or the Fane of Panjvahe). Buried deep in the sand-swept lands of Hadramaveth, this Domain is guarded by a small puzzle that may leave some people stumped at first glance.


Here’s how to unlock the new Fading Rumination Domain in Genshin Impact version 3.4.

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Where to Find the Fading Rumination Domain

You will find this Domain in the Northern area of the Desert of Hadramaveth. Specifically, it is found in an outcropping of rock near the large sandstorm at Mt. Damavand where sandstorms are quite common.

There are a few Teleport Waypoints scattered around nearby, but the easiest direct route to the Domain starts at the Old Vanarana Statue of the Seven. You unlock this as part of the massive Aranara quest chain and, before now, it simply led to a singular isolated area. With the addition of the Desert in Version 3.4, though, this area is now connected to the Desert of Hadramaveth, complete with its footpath.  

From the Statue of the Seven follow the main path into the Desert. You’ll pass by a Seelie as well as one of the new Consecrated Vulture enemies. Once you have made it past the gigantic Ruin Guard you can begin to follow the pushed-up bits of rock that circle Mt. Damavand. If you follow the outer ring you will pass by a Teleport Waypoint and eventually connect back to another main pathway. 

Continue your trek through the sands on this path and you should come across the Domain. 

Domain Location

Domain Location

Seelie 1

So, now that you’ve gotten to the Domain, how do you actually unlock it?

In front of the Domain is two Seelie stands. To break the seal holding the Domain you will need to find the two matching Seelies and lead them back here.

The first one is rather simple to find. Head up the steep slope to the right of the Fading Rumination Domain and continue going until the ground evens out. At the top will be a Ruin Drake who is lording over the Seelie you need for the seal – it won’t follow you back until the Drake is dead, so take care of that first. Once it has been dispatched, simply lead it back down to the Domain.

You must defeat the Ruin Drake to free the Seelie - Genshin Impact Fading Rumination Domain

Watching Over the Seelie

Seelie 2

The second Seelie is closer but it requires completing a short puzzle to lead back. The Seelie in question will be sat atop a small rock while being surrounded by 6 strange stones, all with blue glowing sigils on them. If you approach it, the Seelie will begin moving between the glowing stones in a triangle shape. 

What you have to do here is match the symbols on the larger stones to the smaller ones behind them. If you hit the larger stones, their symbols will change. There are about 4 or 5 symbols to cycle through and you simply need to have the symbol on the front match the one at the back. 

The Seelie’s role in this is that if it hovers above a stone, it will trigger it and cause it to go to the next symbol in the sequence. This means that you need to activate them all in the time it takes for the Seelie to make its rounds. Do that and you can lead it back to the Domain. 

You need to match the symbols on the stones before the Seelie - Genshin Impact Fading Rumination Domain

The Stone Puzzle

At this point, with both Seelies in their pedestals, the Domain will unlock and you’ll be awarded a Common Chest for your troubles. Now, you can venture into the Fading Rumination Domain, which is just a gauntlet against a decent number of enemies. Complete it and you will get a Luxurious Chest, some artifacts and some Primogems. 

That was how to unlock the Fading Rumination Domain in Genshin Impact

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