Genshin Impact Tier List | The Best Characters to Build a Team With

Check this definitive Genshin Impact tier list for all characters and find out which are the best for your journey and which you can avoid. If you're looking to build the best team possible, this is the guide you need in order to do it right.

Genshin Impact Tier List | The Best Characters to Build a Team With Cover

Throughout your time with miHoYo’s latest hit, you’ll be meeting all kinds of characters who can help you out on your journey. Each one will be useful at a certain point in the game’s story, but there are definitely some who are more powerful than others. In this Genshin Impact tier list, I’m going to guide you through exactly who the best characters to build a team with are. We’ll also examine each one’s strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing exactly what situations they’ll be of most use to you.

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S Tier

The characters on this list are the best of the best. They’re who you want with you in the toughest fights and who you’ll need to put time and effort into leveling up as you play. 

Diluc – DPS

At this point, I think Diluc is just eye candy

At this point, I think Diluc is just eye candy

Diluc is everyone’s dream. He’s a wine tycoon in the main city of Mondstadt and is said to be unmatched in every possible way. He’s perfect for doling out the damage against enemies. His normal attack, Tempered Sword, can deliver up to four consecutive swings, while his elemental skill, Searing Onslaught, is a forward slash that deals Pyro damage. Finally, his elemental burst is called Dawn. It releases a barrage of intense flames, causing Pyro damage to enemies and knocking them back on their asses. Those flames will then pull back, converge on his sword as a phoenix, and fly into enemies to hit with yet more damage. The phoenix will then explode and rain down fire on one specific area. This elemental burst is what makes him so handy as a DPS character, and he’s not too bad on the eyes either. 

Fischl – Support

Fischl is terrifyingly powerful

Fischl is terrifyingly powerful

Annoyingly, Fischl is deliberately mysterious. She calls herself “Prinzessia der Verurteilung” and always travels with a Night Raven called Oz. If nothing else, she’s great for a spooky time. Her normal attack, Bolts of Downfall, can hit up to five times in a row. Her elemental skill, Nightrider, sees Oz fly up into the air and summon lightning, which will impact with Electro damage to one specific area. Her elemental burst, Midnight Phantasmagoria, makes Oz summon a protective aura. That aura transforms Fischl into Oz, increasing her speed. It also strikes out with lightning against nearby enemies, causing Electro damage. Finally, this ability forces Oz to remain in the field of battle and continue to attack enemies. This all adds up to make her an incredibly powerful character but in a support role only.

Qiqi – Healer

Qiqi is another creepy character, but her advantages outweigh all of that

Qiqi is another creepy character, but her advantages outweigh all of that

On the surface, Qiqi is little more than an apprentice herb-picker for Bubu Pharmacy. However, if you take her out with you, then it’ll soon become clear she is devoid of emotion but a damn good healer all the same. Her normal attack, Ancient Sword Art, can perform up to five consecutive blows. Her elemental skill, Herald of Frost, brings forth a frost that will deliver Cryo damage to nearby enemies. It’s the elemental burst, Preserver of Fortune, that you want to pay attention to, though. This marks nearby enemies and allies. Enemies will take more Cryo damage, but allies will be healed. There aren’t many other characters this useful, and you’ll count yourself lucky when that healing kicks in during a hard fight. 

Venti – Support

Venti's storms are phenomenal to look at

Venti’s storms are phenomenal to look at

Venti isn’t just the largest size of coffee you can get at Starbucks. He’s one of Mondstadt’s many bards, freely wandering the city’s streets singing songs and telling stories. His normal attack, Divine Marksmanship, can perform a straight row of up to six attacks. Insanity! His elemental skill, Skyward Sonnet, summons a Wind Domain at the enemy’s location. This hits with Anemo damage and launches the enemy up into the air. Finally, his elemental burst, Wind’s Grade Ode, fires an arrow comprised of thousands of coalesced winds. It creates a massive storm eye that will suck enemies along with it, inflicting Anemo continuously. What makes this bard such a great support character, and one in the top Genshin Impact tier list is that his attacks are so powerful. They cause huge amounts of damage over time, and they look fantastic. 

A Tier

These are the cream of the crop before you get into the absolute best characters in the game. You can have some great fun messing around with these guys in your team.

Barbara – Healer

Barbara is probably the best healer in the game

Barbara is probably the best healer in the game

Every citizen of Mondstadt adores celebrity, Barbara. Interestingly she actually learned the word ‘idol’ from a magazine, not from being idolized. Her normal attack, Whisper of Water, will hit with up to four water splash attacks. Her elemental skill, Let the Show Begin, summons a group of water droplets that look like musical notes. These musical water droplets then form a Melody Loop and inflict Hydro damage to surrounding enemies. This attack will also make enemies Wet, opening them up for a synergizing attack. Lastly, her Elemental Burst, Shining Miracle, will heal all friendly forces nearby, as well as all allies, for a huge chunk of health. This is what makes her such a fantastic Healer and an essential part of most parties. 

Jean – Healer

Jean is strong but not quite the best healer

Jean is strong but not quite the best healer

Tough fighter Jean is a Dandelion Knight, rigorous and righteous. She’s also the Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonious, making her very important indeed. Her normal attack, Favonoius Bladework, can perform up to five consecutive hits. Her elemental skill, Gale Blade, focuses the air around Jean onto her sword. Jean will then unleash a miniature storm when she attacks. This launches enemies in the direction she’s facing and causes Anemo damage. Her elemental burst, Dandelion Breeze, sees Jean create a swirling breeze that forms a Dandelion Field. This launches enemies in all directions and deals Anemo damage. Also, the burst will heal all enemies based on the power of Jean’s attack. Given that the healing scales, she is the second-best healer in the game. 

Keqing – DPS

Keqing is a dark and mysterious warrior who will kick your ass

Keqing is a dark and mysterious warrior who will kick your ass

Strange newcomer Keqing is the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing. She’s got a lot to say about the policies the gods put out there, but the gods are also said to respect her for her opinions. Her normal attack, Yunlai Swordsmanship, can perform up to five rapid strikes. Her elemental skill, Stellar Restoration, sees her launch a lightning stiletto at enemies. This will attack with Electro and cause a small AoE where damage will be spread for a short time. Her elemental burst, Starward Sword, causes her to unleash the power of lightning. This will hit multiple enemies with Electro as she blends with her blade to shoot around the area and attack them. The final blow causes a huge AoE attack that will continuously cause damage.


Don't underestimate Klee. She's a little firecracker

Don’t underestimate Klee. She’s a little firecracker

Klee is a happy go lucky explosives expert. She’s also known as Fleeing Sunlight and for constantly being sent to the confinement room at the Knights of Favonious’ headquarters. Her normal attack, Kaboom! will see her throw an explosive at an enemy. This can be performed three times before you need to wait for the explosions to occur and then throw more projectiles. Her elemental skill, Jumpy Dumpty, is a giant explosive. When thrown, it will jump three times and then explode, dealing Pyro damage-causing mini-mines. These mines then explode on their own, hitting for more damage. Her elemental burst attack, Sparks ‘n’ Splash, will continuously summon explosives that launch at enemies and inflict damage. This will keep happening for the duration of the burst. If you’re still unsure why Klee is a DPS specialist, you clearly don’t know what a bomb is. 

Mona – Support



Support specialist Mona is a mysterious astrologer who explains that she is the “Astrologist Mona Megistus.” As such, she has the skills to pay the bills. Her normal attack, Ripple of Fate, will splash enemies up to four times in a row and deliver Hydro damage. The elemental skill she has, Reflection of Doom, will bring forth an illusory phantom of fate made of waterspouts. This phantom will continually taunt enemies, cause huge Hydro damage, and explode in Hydro damage when its time is done. This is what makes this atrologer one of the greatest support characters on this Genshin Impact tier list. Her elemental burst attack, Stellaris Phantasm, will see Mona summon huge waves, creating a reflection of the starry sky. This applies the Illusory Bubble status to any enemies in the massive AoE. This affects traps enemies in a bubble of destiny, making them Wet, and immobile. When an enemy inside the bubble takes damage, they’ll take increased damage and Hydro damage. 

Xiangling – DPS + Support

Don't underestimate Xiangling just because she's a chef

Don’t underestimate Xiangling just because she’s a chef

It may surprise you to know that Xiangling is a chef from Liyue. This actually makes her the first chef in our Genshin Impact tier list. She’ll keep you up to date on her interests by constantly telling you about how much she loves cooking and making her signature dishes, which are hot and spicy. Her normal attack Dough-Fu can deal up to five consecutive spear strikes. The elemental skill she has, Guoba Attack, summons a panda called Guoba. This panda will breathe fire at enemies, causing Pyro damage over an AoE. Her elemental burst, Pyronado, is crazy. She will create a tornado of Pyro around her. Once it’s been summoned, it will follow her around the battlefield, causing damage to enemies and knocking them down as she moves around. If the panda didn’t sell you, then that Pyronado should.

Xiao – DPS

Xiao is a true demon inside

Xiao is a true demon inside

A yaksha adeptus that defends Liyue, Xiao is also known as the ‘Conqueror of Demons,’ which should indicate what type of character she is. His normal attack, Whirlwind Thrust, can perform up to six rapid strikes in a single burst. The elemental skill he brings, Lemniscatic Wind Cycling, sees him lunge forward and inflict Anemo damage to enemies in his path. To start with, this skill allows for two lunges in quick succession. Finally, his elemental burst, Bane of All Evil, makes him take on a Yaksha form. These creatures were the terror of demons and humans alike millennia ago. For as long as the skill is active, Xiao’s attack range is increased, his jump and all his attacks hit with Anemo damage. While in this form, he’ll take HP damage, so you need to balance the power with his life force. 

B Tier

These characters aren’t quite as good as tier A, but they’re still fabulous. You’ll be lucky to have any of them on your team. 

Bennett – DPS Support

Bennett is always fired up

Bennett is always fired up

You’ll find that Bennett is a good-natured adventurer from Mondstadt. Unfortunately, she’s extremely lucky. You’d be right in thinking that’s usually a good thing. His normal attack, Strike of Fortune, can hit up to five times consecutively. He packs an elemental skill called Passion Overload, which sees him push all of his fire and passion into his blade. At a single press, he’ll unleash a single strike of Pyro. By holding the attack, though, he’ll do one of two things. At level 1, he’ll launch enemies with a much more powerful strike. At level 2, though, he’ll unleash three strikes in a row, with the last one triggering an explosion. Of all the characters here, he’s the fiercest. 

Chongyun – DPS

Being cold as ice definitely has its perks

Being cold as ice definitely has its perks

Poor Chongyun is the latest exorcist in a family of exorcists. Sadly he does everything possible to suppress his positive energy. His normal attack, Demonbane, will hit four times in a row. The elemental skill he uses, Spirit Blade – his Layered Frost, will see him strike the ground with his sword. This will cause a Cryo explosion in a fairly large AoE. After a short while, the frost will transform into his Frost Field, within which almost all damage types are converted into his preferred element. Finally, his elemental burst, Spirit Blade – Cloud-Parting Star, will cause him to summon three giant Cryo swords. These weapons will crash into a target, exploding with loads of damage as they do. He might be the coldest character on this list, but those skills are hot!



Razor – DPS

This is the character for those who love dogs

This is the character for those who love dogs

This guy is known for living among wolves in Wolvendorm in Mondstadt, where he can be away from humans as much as possible. His normal attack, Steel Fang, will do four consecutive hits. The elemental skill he uses, Claw and Thunder, will see him smash with Electro damage in one big swing. However, if you charge the attack, he’ll gather Electro energy and unleash a small storm against his foes. Lightning Fang, his elemental burst, Summons, an Electro wolf to bite down damage against all nearby enemies in an AoE. Afterward, the wolf will fight alongside him for a short time.

Xingqiu – Support

Poor Xingqiu just can't be happy

Poor Xingqiu just can’t be happy

This guy frequents book booths and carries a massive sword. He yearns for justice and will seek it out wherever possible. His normal attack, Guhua Style, causes up to five rapid attacks. The elemental skill he uses, Guhua Sword – Fatal Rainscreen, will cause him to punish with a twin strike and Hydro damage. This ability also creates Rain Swords, which will hover around him. These swords will shatter and protect Xingqiu from incoming damage. Finally, his elemental burst, Guhua Sword – Raincutter, sees him initiate the Rainbow Bladework. He’ll now fight with an illusory rain sword and maintain the maximum number of Rain Swords as protection for the next few minutes as well. This is the best character on the Genshin Impact tier list for those who want to get up close with enemies. 

C Tier

Now we’re getting to the lower end of the spectrum. However, you’ll still find some outstanding characters for synergies here. 

Beidou – DPS Support

Moody and lethal, everything you need

Moody and lethal, everything you need

You’ll meet Beidou as the leader of the Crux. That’s a fleet of ships that are armed to the bloody teeth. Her normal attack, Oceanborne, causes up to five attacks in a row. The elemental skill she has, Tidecaller, causes her to hit out with a lightning slash. Charge the attack, and she’ll use the sword as a shield, taking hits and charging up that sword to unleash a furious attack when she wants to. The elemental burst, Stormbreaker, shoots out an Electro charge that darts between enemies and causes damage to every single one. 

Kaeya – Support

Kaeya is cool, but not that collected

Kaeya is cool, but not that collected

You’ll meet Kaeya early on in the game. He’s a thinker with an unusual appearance. His normal attack, Ceremonial Bladework, will hit up to five times in a row. The elemental skill he has, Frostgnaw, lets out a frigid blast of Cryo energy, freezing the floor and enemies. Glacial Waltz, his elemental Burst, summons three icicles that will inflict Cryo damage to all enemies he runs into. 

Lisa – Support

Lisa is clever and very very dangerous

Lisa is clever and very very dangerous

This is the librarian for the Knights of Favonious. She’s incredibly clever, the smartest graduate in the last two decades. Her normal attack, Lightning Touch, will deliver up to four lightning attacks and Electro damage. The elemental skill she wields, Violet Arc, will shoot out a homing lightning orb at enemies but can be charged to call down lightning and unleash a flurry of bolts. The elemental burst she uses, Lightning Rose, will summon a literal rose made of lightning, which shoots bolts out at all nearby enemies. It even knocks enemies back. 

Ningguang – DPS

She's so rich it hurts the enemy

She’s so rich it hurts the enemy

Meet the Tianquan of Liyue Qixing. She is the richest person you’ll ever meet from Teyvat. Sparkling Scatter, her normal attack will shoot gems at enemies, with every hit gaining her one Star Jade. The elemental skill she has, Jade Screen, will make a physical Jade Screen that knocks enemies with Geo damage in an AoE. It also looks very fancy. Her elemental burst, Starshatter, will make Ningguang grab a load of gems and launch them in the air. They all home in on enemies and hit for more Geo damage. It’s a sight to behold. 

Noelle – DPS


Big damage in a tiny package

Big damage in a tiny package

Little Noelle is a maid in service to the Knights of Favonious and hopes to join their ranks one day. Her normal attack, Favonious Bladework – Maid, can hit up to four times in a row. The elemental skill she wields, Breastplate, summons stone armor to protect her. When summoned, the armor also blasts more Geo damage to enemies. Her elemental burst, Sweeping Time, pulls in all of the stones around her and makes a massive Geo damage zone that will hit all enemies within it. Not too shabby for a maid. 

Sucrose – Support

Stay out of the way of her experiments

Stay out of the way of her experiments

A curious alchemist filled with knowledge, she researches bio-alchemy. Her normal attack, Wind Spirit Creation, causes up to four consecutive hits. It also delivers Anemo damage. Her elemental skill, Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308, create a wind spirit that draws enemies in, inflicting Anemo damage, and then explodes, delivering even more damage. Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II, the elemental burst she has, creates an unstable Wind Spirit that sucks in enemies and applies huge Anemo damage. If it comes into contact with other elements like Pyro or Electro, it will also hit with those types of damage. 

D Tier

This is the worst character, but that doesn’t mean that their stories are anything but fantastic. 

Amber – Support

Amber is reliable but very basic

Amber is reliable but very basic

You’ll meet Amber first in the game. She’s an energetic Outrider for the Knights of Favonious. Her normal attack, Sharpshooter, will deliver up to five consecutive hits with a bow. She also has an elemental skill, Explosive Puppet, which will see her throw a puppet at the enemy. The puppet taunts enemies, drawing them close, and then explodes with Pyro damage. Her elemental burst, Fiery Rain, creates a show of arrows that burn with Pyro to an AoE.

That wraps up this complete tier list for every character in Genshin Impact that you’ll meet in the game. Let us know what you think of each one and who your favorites are in the comments. 

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