Genshin Impact’s Launch Biggest Ever for a Chinese Game

According to analysts, Genshin Impact's launch has been the biggest ever global launch for a Chinese game. Released on PC, PS4, and mobile by developer miHoYo, the game has received generally positive reviews despite negative early comparisons to Breath of the Wild.

Genshin Impact's Launch Biggest Ever For A Chinese Game

It’s been a big week for developer miHoYo, as Genshin Impact‘s launch has caused a real stir amongst gamers. And, it seems that they’ve struck gold with their newest game; according to analysts, Genshin Impact has had the biggest ever launch for a Chinese game. Looking at statistics from the South China Morning Post, the game had grossed $1.84 million with two days of launch. Also, the game managed to rack up 110,000 concurrent watchers on Twitch, which eked out Fortnite for the most-watched game of the day. 

Serkan Toto, Chief Executive at Kantan Games Inc., remarked on the huge popularity the game has already achieved. With 5.3 million people preregistering for the game, he made clear that the game was “a big title already.”

Serkan Toto: I don’t think any Chinese-made game has ever had that many pre-registrations outside its home market. So just by the scale of people interested early on, Genshin Impact is a big title already.

With a reported marketing budget of $100 million, miHoYo has banked on the success of Genshin Impact‘s launch, and so far, they’ve been rewarded for it. In the week since its release, it received a number of positive reviews. And, with many getting into the thick of the open-world RPG, the game has truly exceeded expectations.

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