Genshin Impact | All Kory Drum Locations and How to Play Them

In this guide for Genshin Impact Version 3.6, you'll learn where to find all of the collectable Kory Drums and how to play them to progress the Khvarena of Good and Evil World Questline. The new Girdle of the Sands location is hiding many things, including these strange drums which will help you awaken an ancient Pari ally.

Genshin Impact | All Kory Drum Locations and How to Play ThemGenshin Impact Version 3.6 has recently launched, bringing with it another expansion to the already vast Sumeru desert. The new Girdle of the Sands locations can be found to the North-West of the Desert of Hadramaveth and contains secrets aplenty regarding the Abyss, Khaenri’ah, a new mystical race called the Pari and more. There is also, of course, plenty of chests, challenges and Primogems to acquire while you’re here. 

Across your journey in the Girdle, you may have stumbled across one of the Kory Drums, also known as the Korybantes. These strange drums have been locked away in different corners of the Girdle of the Sands, hidden behind tricky challenges to stop those looking to take them. These drums can be found randomly while you explore the world, but they are required to progress the Khvarena of Good and Evil quest line.

As such, finding these Kory Drums is a matter of importance, especially if you’re stuck and need some guidance to continue your journey through the Girdle questline. Here’s where to find all 5 Kory Drums, as well as how to use them, in Genshin Impact Version 3.6.

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All Kory Drum Locations

In total, there are 5 Kory Drums. Each one is tied to one of Teyvat’s Elements – Cryo, Hydro, Dendro, Pyro and Electro – and all 5 must be found to progress the Khvarena of Good and Evil questline. Specifically, playing the Kory Drums is required to complete the quest Awakening Real Sounds

Despite there being 5 Drums, only 3 of them need to be found. The Cryo Kory Drum can be found as soon as you first enter the Girdle of the Sands. It’ll be given a quest marker and will begin the Khvarena of Good and Evil questline upon being picked up. Then, during the Awakening Real Sounds quest itself, you will be instructed on what the Kory Drums are, being given the Dendro Kory Drum in the process.

As such, there are only the Hydro, Electro and Pyro Drums left to find. The quest does give you some guidance, but it can still be tricky to try and locate them.

The Korybantes

The Korybantes

Vijnana (Pyro)

The Pyro Drum is the easiest to find and the only one in the Gavireh Lajavard sub-area of the Girdle of the Sands. The easiest way to reach it is to head to the Teleport Waypoint closest to the Gate of Zulqarnain. Underneath the Waypoint will be a cave which you can waltz straight into to find the first Drum.

Once you’re in the large cavern, you’ll find that you cannot unlock the drum until you’ve completed a challenge. For the Pyro Drum, you must light 7 Bright Flame Altars which are scattered around the cave. To do this, you need to first find a Seed of Fire which, when picked up, will start a timer to find each of the 7 Altars. All of the Altars can be found inside that cave and simply need to walk up to them while under the effect of the Seed of Fire. 

After all 7 Altars have been lit, you will find the Vijnana Korybante on the Eastern side of the cave. Simply pick it and the drum is yours.

Pyro Drum Challenge

Pyro Drum Challenge

Samjna (Hydro)

The Hydro Drum can be found in the Realm of Farakhkert, to the East of the Asipattravana Swamp. Follow the stream which leads from the Swamp to its source and you’ll eventually stumble across a massive waterfall. To the left of this waterfall is a path leading into a cave: this is where the Kory Drum is located. 

When you first enter this cave, it will be filled with water. The only thing to interact with is one of the Girdle’s Spirit Bells, which is sitting on a platform in the middle of the room. Upon activating it, a challenge will begin which asks you to collect some Dendro particles that are scattered about the room. The intended way to complete this is to use Sorush to manipulate the nearby special red Four-Leaf Sigil, creating a path for you to easily collect the particles. However, if you happen to have Kazuha or Wanderer, you can simply use their respective skills to gather the particles far easier.

Once the first set of particles has been collected, the water level in the cave will drop to reveal another Spirit Bell and another challenge. Much like the first one, use Sorush to adjust the nearby Four-Leaf Sigils so that you can coast around the room and quickly pick up the particles. The water level will fall one more time after this, requiring another Spirit Bell challenge to drain fully. 

After you complete all 3 Spirit Bell challenges and the cave has been completely drained of water, a small hole in the wall will be revealed on the floor. Inside is the Samjna Korybante.

Hydro Drum Challenge

Hydro Drum Challenge

Sankhara (Electro)

The last Kory Drum to collect is the Sankhara, or Electro Drum. Like the Hydro Drum, this is also found in the Realm of Farakhkert. The drum is located south of the Asipattravana Swamp, so simply travel to the Teleport Waypoint inside the Swamp to begin. From there, head south along a slightly faded path being guarded by a few Hilichurls to find yet another cave.

As you may have expected, the Electro Drum is within this cave. Unlike either of the other two Korybante, though, you’ll be completing a combat challenge to obtain it. The main enemies you’ll encounter in this challenge are the pesky Rifthounds, so try and bring a healer to deal with their Corrosion effect. To begin the challenge, interact with the bell in the centre of the cave.

Once you’ve wiped out all of the enemies in the challenge, the Sankhara Korybante can be obtained. Now, you have all 5 Kory Drums and can start the process of playing them. 

Electro Drum Arena

Electro Drum Arena

How to Play the Kory Drums

With all 5 Kory Drums in hand, return to the Hills of Barsom. Nasejuna, the Order of Skeptic’s researcher, will be waiting for you. After some back and forth, you’ll be able to start the process of actually playing the Kory Drums. 

Dotted around the base of the great tree are five places to put the Kory Drums. You need to place the Drums in the correct location and then play a specific song for each one. You should have transcribed the notes for the five songs earlier in the Awakening Real Sounds quest. Interacting with each Drum should give you a brief preview of the notes that need to be played. 

Playing the Drums

Playing the Drums

Each song consists of 4 to 8 notes, with each note indicated by a leaf. The action you take to play the drum changes depending on how filled in that leaf is:

  • Empty Leaf: Pause
  • Half Leaf: Normal Attack
  • Full Leaf: Plunging Attack

For example, the score for the Hydro Drum is Half, Full, Empty, Full. To play this Drum, you need to use a Normal Attack first then use a Plunging Attack. After that, do nothing for the third note and end on a Plunging Attack.

Each beat is denoted by a yellow glow on the drum, which will fade once a note is played. You have about 3 seconds to use either a Normal or Plunging Attack before it considers the note a Pause.

Drum Score

Drum Score

To successfully play the Kory Drums, interact with each of them to learn their specific score. Then, when you know the song, play the corresponding notes. If you are successful, the challenge will be complete and you can move on to the next one. Successfully do all 5 and you’ll complete the Awakening Real Sounds quest.

That was where to find all the Kory Drums and how to play them in Genshin Impact

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